• New Copies of Consciousness During OBE Mind Split?

    (A Question from a Reader)

    Is it your contention that there is a new copy of consciousness in every subtle body (from etheric to real-time to the various astral bodies) or are there only two copies of consciousness, one in the physical body and one in the highest subtle body upon which the consciousness is operating?


    I think a copy of consciousness (or at least the potential for same) exists in all subtle bodies.* However, in the majority of projectors there is usually only one active aspect of consciousness at any one time; and this factor is probably a significant factor in the OBE memory download problem.* Note that when the projected double is externalized during a wake induced OBE, the resident etheric body/mind copy may retain full mental coherence, but without the power to fully animate its physical body. When this happens, waking paralysis occurs.

    The state of the physical/etheric body/mind affects all exteriorized copies of consciousness, and is in turn affected by same.* The original copy of consciousness left in charge of the physical/etheric body/mind during OBE is, usually, either asleep and involved with the dreaming mind, or paralyzed and low on mental energy, if it happens to be awake during a mind split event.

    Consciousness can return to any aspect when triggered by stimuli, say by a noise, thirst, a full bladder, associations, etc.* Such stimuli can wake the physical/etheric copy of mind to a paralyzed or semi-paralyzed physical body (waking paralysis), temporarily shifting the active center of consciousness back to the physical body for a time.* During this time, the previously active center of consciousness, say the real time or astral double, will usually experience some weakness and mental cloudiness.* This will progressively worsen if the waking paralysis state continues.

    Stimuli can also trigger false awakenings, and cause consciousness to return to any external projected aspect.* For example, a full bladder will often reflect into and cause a projected double (or the dream mind) to feel the need to urinate, or thirst will cause the need to drink.* These reflected sensations between the physical body/mind and its various exterior aspects clearly show strong connections during any mind split event.

    The more energy generated/raised and the higher the level of consciousness attained by the physical/etheric (base level of consciousness) aspect prior to OBE, the more functional external aspects of consciousness become.

    The bilocation (duality) phenomenon that occurs between the physical/etheric body and its projected double will often cause a flickering back and forth of the center of consciousness (the strongest aspect of consciousness).* Whichever aspect contains the most energy can be said to contain the center of consciousness, and the strongest aspect will usually dominate memory storage.

    The dream mind can function independently during OBE, but this lucidity tends to disempower all other aspects of the mind split.* The dream mind, marked by REM (rapid eye movement) can also become active while the physical body is awake in a deeply relaxed state. During this event, the physical body can still be partially ambulatory and capable of speech, albeit from a blurry state of consciousness.* I have experienced this many times, and have watched many others experience this in meditation groups.* This is a common but largely misunderstood phenomenon.* This is used in sleep labs studying lucid dreaming, where volunteers signal scientists when they become lucid.* When persons experience REM level lucid dreaming, while also being awake and capable of some movement, they are functioning on two levels, on both the physical/etheric level and on the dream mind level. This illustrates that the Mindsplit phenomenon is scientifically measurable.

    Each exterior copy of consciousness is generated fresh, because there are never any OBE or dream memories of a continuing, linear existence outside the physical body.* But up-to-date memories of normal life are usually available to all external aspects.

    Normally only two aspects of consciousness are capable of functioning independently at any one time.* But, further aspects can achieve independent consciousness if enough energy is available.* This energy is not normal physical/etheric bioenergy, but more a type of consciousness or mental energy that can be increased through spiritual development and practice.* Certain drugs can also increase this type of energy.

    Imagine a diagram showing active and passive aspects during a mind split event.* This would also need to show how each higher level of consciousness becomes progressively more abstract in its thoughts and perceptions and memories.* This would also show high-level memory download problems, in how the physical brain must decode and interpret abstract OBE memories, in order to store them at a conscious and recallable level base-level of memory.* But keep in mind that this interpretation usually converts high-level abstract memories into metaphorical imagery.* For example, a profound and lengthy high-level experience can be converted into a brief memory showing a child handing out flowers. This is because the physical brain cannot decode and store the original high-level experience memory into base level format. It thus cannot make this memory available at a conscious, recallable and understandable level of memory. The full knowledge of such an experience then downloads into the subconscious mind at a suitably abstract level.* However, the resulting memory (child with flowers) can be used to trigger parts of the original abstract experience memory to surface during altered state meditation, in which more detail, at least in a heartfelt realizing sense, can appear.

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