• OBE Flying Problems

    (Question from a Reader)

    Although I have not had a conscious, self-induced OBE, I have had several dreams where I have the perception of trying to fly. In the dream I am usually in my back yard. The problem is that I cannot seem to sustain the flight--almost like being weighted or too heavy to get off the ground. I can get up briefly but not stay up. The questions regarding this are:

    1. Is this a form of OBE?

    2. If it is, why is it so difficult to get up and stay up?


    Yes, this is definitely an OBE related problem, as the fact that you are having problems with gravity proves that you are having OBE's and not dreams.* I call this problem 'the gravity habit'.* This stems from our habitual 24/7 sense of gravity in the physical universe, every moment of our lives.* What happens is, during OBE, we subconsciously expect to fall.* This creates a subconscious internal conflict that causes what I call 'slow gravity', where you will start to fall while flying.* I discuss this in detail and give ways of overcoming it in my book 'Astral Dynamics'.

    You'll also find that when you hit the ground you will experience something similar to pain and shock, but this is greatly blunted because it is actually remembered pain and shock.* This does not really hurt or shock of course, but when it happens we get a semblance of the same things. Again, this is provided by the subconscious mind, because we expect this to happen upon impact.

    There are various ways to overcome flying problems.* You can run and flap your arms like a bird taking off, which does generate a subconscious lifting and speeding-up mental action. You can flap your arms like a bird when you start to fall, which helps. You can also work on keeping your mind clear and use affirmations to overcome the problem. You can also imagine and feel that you are lighter than air. The gravity habit slowly disappears with a bit of experience. And overcoming this can be a lot of fun if you have the right attitude.

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