• Does OBE Require Special Ability?

    (Question from a Reader)

    Do you have to have special abilities to experience an OBE?


    No, you do not need special ability or talent just to experience OBE.* OBE frequently happens spontaneously to people who have no noticeable skills or abilities in this area. But to induce an OBE from the awake state can take a fair bit of training for most people, all natural ability aside.* I have found it almost impossible to tell who will and who will not be able to learn OBE in a reasonable length of time.* The abilities to clear the mind and deeply relax the physical body, and perform OBE exit techniques, take some time and effort to learn.* I have taught people who seem to have absolutely no natural ability, and those who have worked hard have eventually succeeded. The most difficult person I have ever worked with took just over two years before he had his first true OBE.* However, he had many lucid dreams and other such experiences during this time.

    I have also known talented psychic people with apparently extensive metaphysical and spiritual development who have totally failed to learn how to OBE, no matter how hard they have tried.* And I have known people with absolutely no knowledge or OBE related skills that have succeeded the very first time they have tried to get out of body.* Its very difficult to tell.

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