• OBE Exit Position - Does Sitting Work Better?

    (Question from a Reader)

    In your book, Astral Dynamics, you say that its better to sit in a chair than laying down while projecting. I read the contrary in many books by reliable authors. I see it more logical to lay down, even if its hard to imagine your self vertically from horizontal, its easy to leave your body horizontally and float atop your body and straighten your self up then. I'd be grateful if u could write back and show why sitting is better.


    The sitting or propped up in bed position makes it much easier to wake induce an OBE exit.* This is historically known if you examine some ancient records, Egyptology, etc, where paintings and carvings indicate that 37degrees from the vertical is the perfect angle to have an OBE. My personal experiences with the OBE exit, plus the hundreds of people I have coached for same, all support this as being true.

    Sitting while making an OBE exit makes it a little more difficult to relax, but this is easily overcome with a little practice.* The slight discomfort caused by sitting also helps you stay more connected with your physical body/mind, which helps stop you falling asleep.* Falling asleep during an OBE exit attempt is a big problem for most people.* The improved mind/body connection from using a sitting position also helps promote more successful shadow memory downloading, so OBE memories are more easily downloaded into recallable levels of conscious memory after a successful OBE.

    The above is also why Yoga Lotus type positions are superior for meditation. This helps keep meditators more closely in touch with their bodies (a better mind/body connection) so they don't drift away and lose touch with themselves during altered state meditation. People who do not use sitting or semi sitting positions tend to lose touch easily, and sleep is an ever-present companion. This is why I recommend a hard backed chair with no head support for meditation, and for all OBE related training exercises.* The 'slight discomfort' this causes makes for a superior mind/body/projected double connection. The superior training value of this position is clear.

    Too much comfort during meditation or OBE exit attempts promotes sleep. Questioning people that meditate can support this statement. A large percentage of modern meditators that use a too comfortable meditation position develop a very similar problem, in that the majority of the time spent meditating is forgotten after the fact. In this case, it is common to remember the first few minutes of a meditation, then nothing for the bulk of the time, and then to return to consciousness shortly before the end. This can also be translated as having a meditation-like nap.

    Inducing an OBE exit is quite an easy thing for most people to achieve. But remembering it afterwards is very difficult, much like how recalling dreams is difficult for most people.* And if you don't have the memory of an OBE, it never happened.* So memory recall is crucial to successful OBE. And this can best be achieved by keeping a thread of mind/body connection alive.

    I have thoroughly tested this factor out and sitting or semi reclined positions, or yoga lotus positions, are always more successful for meditation and OBE.* This is particularly important for novices.* More advanced meditators and projectors may have trained themselves to stay mentally functional in a horizontal sleeping position, but their road to that level of ability is usually longer and more difficult than it otherwise might have been.

    Please do not be led astray by those lucky few (including some authors on these matters) that take to OBE like ducks to water, and then tell everyone that successful OBE is really easy, just because it is easy for them. Copying what such people do is misleading, frustrating and nonproductive for novices.* It is best to start from the beginning and find your own way, using tried and proven training methods.

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