• Visualization Problems during Core Image Work

    (Question from a Reader)

    I know someone with emotional problems. We've tried help out but were not totally successful. During the Core Image Removal technique (the un-cutting of attached negative entities in ones mind) the thing didn't allow itself to be cut. It changed continually.

    For example, it would change shape or texture so that it couldn't be harmed. For example brick texture is hard to cut with a sword.* While this happened I was supplying NEW energy for support.* At the end of this situation the person asked for help from his/her guides, and it worked. They put the thing somewhere where it couldn't do anything. Where it is now, I don't know. I think its still trapped inside this person.


    To successfully employ the Core Image Removal (CIR) system, you really need to do more than just try it out a couple of times.* (See my book, Practical Psychic Self-Defence, for full details).* This is a process.* A systematic approach is advised, whereby persons search through their past experiences, to identify all areas in memory that might contain trauma memories and core images. Then, all these areas must be treated to ascertain whether or not they contain negative attachments or soul splits.* Once identified, hot spots should be systematically worked on to remove negative energy and attachments, and to heal fragmentation (soul splits).

    Memories of painful life experiences can also be given healing. Healing a past memory can reduce the effects it is having in the present day. The Heart Center Healing method given on my website is an excellent method for this.

    The CIR process can take considerably time and effort.* It is best to start with less traumatic core images and gain some experience and confidence with CIR, before tackling more traumatic and stressful areas.* If any particular core image proves difficult, many attempts and strategies may be necessary to weaken it to the point where it can be defused, removed or healed.

    As for the core image in question, where your friend found it difficult to carry out the CIR method, due to the apparent hardness of images, eg, swords not cutting bricks and etc:* This is a basic visualization and belief problem.* Here you are dealing with an image that has been generated by the subconscious mind, a core image, to represent the negative energies associated with the core image.* The solution is to use imagination to overcome obstacles, such as the apparent hardness of core image mental structures.* For example, if a core image is seen to be made of brick, you would then imagine yourself using something suitable to cut it away, like a large hammer, jackhammer, or a brick cutting saw, explosives, a laser gun, or explosive projectiles or grenades. When using imagination to remove mental images, your imagination is the only limit to what can be done, and this has no limits.

    One good way of tackling stubborn core images that cannot be simply turned and removed is to tear strips off them and thereby weaken them.* To do this, you will need to pull off strips from the core image, as if it were covered with a number of thin plastic layers.* Every time one is peeled off, the core image will be weakened.

    Another method is to imagine/visualize a blow torch and spend time burning away a stubborn core image. You could also imagine a fire hose and use this to wash the image away.

    Efforts spent working on core images have a cumulative healing effect, regardless of what is actually perceived as happening in the minds eye.* Even if after many attempts a core image still stands, it will always be weakened after a core image removal session.* This is because of the attention and consciousness that has been directed into the core image. A similar effect occurs when a traumatic incident is discussed at length with a friend or a psychotherapist. The attention shown to the trauma memory weakens the effects it can cause in the human psyche.

    It is also possible that your friend is subconsciously unwilling to face and or remove the particular core image in question, and this is why he found the mental image too hard to cut away. If a person is not truly ready to do this, they will create an infinite variety of excuses.* I would advise your friend to discuss his/her problems with a competent psychotherapist.* Core image work is strongly related to psychotherapy, albeit with a rather unusual approach. An integral approach is always best.

    It is important not to become paranoid and jump to conclusions. If an apparently negative entity is discovered through CIR work, it is often an imaginary representation created by the subconscious mind. If it is indeed a negative entity, then it is likely to have been resident for some time.* This may be disturbing, but panicking at such a discovery is counterproductive.* An intelligent, mature, methodical approach is advised.* Negs work 'through' core images, and if their core images are removed then any attached Negs will be severely weakened, if not removed entirely. Often the wisest approach is to wear them down a little at a time, until they break off and go away. See my book, Practical Psychic Self-Defense, for more information, and my online articles on psychic self-defense.

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