• Do Negs Cooperate within a Hierarchy?

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    Are there hierarchy of negative entities? If so, does it apply to *every* entity, such that repelling/banishing one entity raises the ire of its superior? Is this even a remotely possible scenario? Is it possible to invite more trouble in such a fashion?


    Hierarchies of both good and evil spirits appear to exist.* A number of ranking systems for demons can be found in ancient magical texts. Every angel and demon is said to have an opposite number.* But I do not think that, in the case of Negs, if one is banished its superior will intercede in a vengeful way.* In my experience Negs generally operate alone, and can be said to be independent loners that prefer to operate in secret. If one is successfully banished, it just goes away and I have never experienced anything that might indicate a vengeful backlash from its superiors.

    As for inviting more trouble, the secretive habits of Negs can sometimes make it appear that a stronger Neg has appeared once the original has been removed. When a Neg is interfered with its activities will usually escalate as it fights to reestablish itself.* The widespread disbelief in Negative type entities today gives them a free hand.* In all my years of working against these types of problems, once it becomes clear that you know about a troublesome Neg, the veil of secrecy is dropped and Neg activities become more open and direct.

    The biggest difference between negative and positive spiritual forces, including all lesser spiritual beings, is that the positive forces seem far less willing to interfere directly with humankind.* Positive spirits almost seem to have some kind of non-interference policy in force. They will sometimes intervene, but this is rare.* This is understandable, given their superior ethical nature and intentions, and greater understanding of the forces behind spiritual evolution and karma. Negative forces, however, seem to interfere much more frequently and willingly.* This is also understandable, given their lower ethical nature and intentions.

    Please keep in mind that what we are discussing here is one of the most obscure mysteries of the universe -- the interaction between spiritual beings and human beings. We know comparatively little about this and what is known is based on the observation of these forces, of their activities down here in the physical universe.* The big picture and the intricacies of this situation are extremely difficult to grasp and make sense of from a human perspective.* This whole thing is made even more obtuse, given the way that the majority of people tend to go into denial whenever they experience supernatural activity, often to the extent of denying the evidence of their own senses.

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