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    I have heard some psychics use the term "whacked" to describe a negative energy hit, whether from another person or from an entity.* I take it to mean a wound suffered on an energetic level.* Can one avoid suffering these, and what are some ways to recover from damaging hits?


    To suffer an energy 'hit' of some kind from an unseen assailant can take many forms, but there are a few basics that cover just about everything.

    Energy drainage, covering all forms of energy vampirism, is the most common type of Neg interference. Negative energy conversion within a living human, or the addition of negative energy, can also cause an accumulation of negative energy. Implantation of a programmed energy unit, eg, a thought form, egregore, or etheric attachment programmed with a purpose, is also fairly common. A magical act, spell or curse can drain energy, or convert it to negative quality, in order to cause harm to a person.* Energy body damage can also occur on the astral or etheric level.

    There are a number or ways to avoid and shield against such things. For starters, living a healthy, wholesome life with good exercise and diet, and avoiding bad company and unhealthy circumstances, and avoiding occult dabbling, are paramount to maintaining natural shields and defenses. The physical body has the means to protect and repair itself, and to replace any subtle energy losses, if it is kept in good condition.

    Personal shields and wards can also be created, damage repaired and energy replaced, but this requires a study of magic or similar disciplines, and energy work.* Shields and wards also take considerable time and effort to create, and they must be regularly maintained if they are to stay effective. Simply visualizing white light or shields around yourself during an attack has have little effect, contrary to popular belief. Such instant shields have more of a placebo effect than anything else, depending of course on the strength of the mind creating them. A strong trained mind can create an effective shield very quickly, but the shield will rapidly fade once the effort used to create it ends.

    Recovering from magical or entity attack and replacing ones energies or repairing ones energy body from damage is not a simple matter.* Energy can be replaced through healthy living and various energy raising practices (see my NEW Energy Ways tutorial online for an excellent method).

    But if this fails to bring relief in a reasonable time, one must discover what has been done and find a remedy.* If, for example, a magical energy draining subtle device (a thought form device) has been attached, or an energy feeding entity has attached, replenishing personal energy will not have the desired result. In this case, I recommend the aid of a good shaman, magician or white witch be sought to remedy the situation.

    Altered state meditation where one connects with one's higher self and the divine is also highly beneficial. This causes a strong flow of natural high quality healing energy, which will replenish lost energy, repair damage and weaken attachments. Prayer is also highly beneficial, especially during altered state meditation. Simply asking God to take something away or for healing can be very effective. A good healer can also be a great help, of course.

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