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    Are there positive entities that operate similar to negs, but with an opposite motive and effect on the mind? ie, minor/major astral entities that attach to a psyche for the purpose of positive spiritual influence, as opposed to negative influence. Are there entities that derive nourishment or even just pleasure from positive spiritual energy?


    A complex question indeed, and a difficult one to answer.

    To explain positive spiritual forces I must start at the beginning:* a human child is born morally neutral with preset but unrealized spiritual alignments, with both positive and negative strengths and weaknesses.* These can also be described, as I did in my book, Astral Dynamics, when I dealt with the Astral Wind Phenomena and Deja Vu, as subtle attractive and repulsive spiritual forces.* These forces act like an internal compass, related to conscience and intuitive urges, guiding people through life according to the application of their life experience and free will.

    The qualities and strengths of these complex forces are preset by karmic forces, so not every child has the same alignment in any positive or negative sense.* As children grow up, these forces guide them through life and exert strong influences on their choices, good or bad:* in who they like or dislike, and in all their decisions and the things that they do, eg, who they intuitively like and dislike, what friends and enemies they will make, who they will love and marry, what occupation and interests they will develop, what luck they will have, and what beliefs and psychological orientation they will acquire.

    Environmental and circumstantial factors also play a big part in the above equation, particularly parents, genetic factors, lifestyle and beliefs, and the socio-economic group into which children are born, and all the people and experiences and psychological influences to which they are exposed.* I believe that all of this is taken into account when a spirit is attracted to a new life and a baby is conceived.* These conditions provide children with opportunities to realize life lessons, tests and goals.* This allows spiritual evolution through natural selection, environment and circumstances, with preset attractions and repulsions being modified by free will.

    All the above can be reduced to the simple concept of children being born with tiny devils on their left shoulders, and with tiny angels on their right shoulders.* These whisper advice and influence children in positive and negative ways. The ones listened to the most grow louder and more influential.* The ones listened to the least grow quieter and less influential. This entire process is governed by free will.* And free will is essential to spiritual evolution.* Without free will, we would be nothing more than drones guided through life to a destiny over which we have no control.* Free will allows us to win or lose according to our own efforts. But it also allows us the opportunity of becoming more than we were before, by overcoming adversity and failure and learning from experience, and through hard won success to evolve to higher levels of spiritual existence.

    Spiritual forces, including angels and demons and all spiritual beings between these great extremes, are intimately involved with karma and thus can be said to be the active forces of apparently wild and chaotic universal law.* These positive and negative beings respond to the attractive and repulsive forces that every person is born with.* For example, the attractions in some people might attract positive spirits to help them along their way in life, but they may also attract negative spirits to test them and to provide resistance.

    Resistance and testing are necessary parts of spiritual evolution.* Good cannot exist without evil, and evil cannot exist without good.* And the only place where success comes before sweat is in the dictionary. Both these positive and negative forces are necessary to provide balance in the complex equation of life.* If you deny or remove all negative forces, then good would cease to exist.* You cannot have light without shadow.

    Spiritual beings, both positive and negative, will sometimes attach to or connect with human beings.* Angels are known to work through and possibly even to possess people.* However, by large, spirit beings seem to have a noninterference policy concerning humans and they, especially highly evolved good spirits, will seldom intervene directly. This does happen, but it is uncommon, and more so concerning things like divine intervention.

    It may be incorrect to say that good spirits are only attracted to good energy, and to only good emotions and thoughts.* It may also be incorrect to say that negative spirits are only attracted to negative thoughts and emotions.* The exact opposite of this often happens, eg, good spirits are attracted to people experiencing negative entity problems in order to help them and in so doing to provide resistance to evil. Negative spirits are also attracted to people experiencing positive things, in order to hinder them and in so doing to provide resistance to good.

    Little is known of the motivations and activities of spirit beings, and in the dynamics of human/spirit relationships in general.* Finding consistent factors to help unravel this heavily veiled equation is like finding needles in haystacks.* At the moment we are limited to observations with precious few known repeatable factors and a lot of guesswork. Much further study is needed to fill in some of the blanks.

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