• OBE, Altered States and Technological Advances

    (Question from a Reader)

    What are the most promising technological advances for inducing expanded states of awareness, OBEs and perception of non-ordinary reality?

    For example, Dr. Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist at Laurential University, has* developed a device that transmits extremely weak electromagnetic signals in specific patterns into particular parts of the brain. Persinger's* device facilitates perception of non-ordinary levels of awareness by properly stimulating dormant aspects of the amygdala and hippocampus, which seem to be the parts of the brain which mediate communication with other dimensions. A number of Persinger's test subjects report OBEs, encounters with angels, beings of light, aliens, vivid (like you were there) memories of childhood, and other hyper-real subjective experiences. Persinger takes the view that all of these experiences are produced by the brain, i.e., that they are not real.

    I think it is much more likely that the brain simply translates the experience, which originates in consciousness itself, and that stimulation of certain brain regions in the proper manner (which Persinger seems to have found) enables, or jump starts access to expanded awareness in the same way that meditation or conscious OBE practice or lucid dreaming does, but without the effort. This is sort of like hemi-sync on steroids. Are you aware of anything like, or better than, Persinger's device?


    I am aware of Persinger's research, but have not yet been able to experiment with his methods.* I am not aware of anything similar or better. I agree with your comments on this.

    Persinger's method is used to stimulate particular areas of the brain with subtle EM fields, which as you say can cause various altered perceptions, experiences, and states of consciousness.* The brain, of course, is the major receiver and translator of such experiences.

    The physical brain is not the mind. The brain acts like a radio receiver, and also a filter between mind and spirit, but it does not actually contain memories.* Scientists do not know where the mind resides.* It appears to reside everywhere in the physical body.* But no particular area of the brain can be said to contain any particular memories.* Memory exits everywhere and nowhere at the same time.* Brain damage may interfere with the brain's ability to receive/access particular types of memories and process particular types of data, but scientific research proves that the damaged area(s) cannot be said to contain those memories.

    See information on consciousness and brain research on the following links:

    The human brain is an essential ingredient in the bio-incarnation process, of binding a spirit within a physical body. The human brain is the highest functioning organ, though it is only barely understood. But it is clear that the brain is not the actual source of human mind and consciousness and spirit.* If it were, it science should be able to prove that memories reside in the substance of the brain.

    Being able to artificially induce altered states of consciousness by modifying sensory input to the brain is nothing new.* Various patterns of sound and light are well known to do this, eg, Hemi Sync methods (developed by Robert Monroe) lucid dreaming sound and light machines, and brain wave generator machines (see Noromaa Solutions at www.bwgen.com* Epileptic fits can also be produced in some people by certain frequencies of flickering light, which shows how light frequencies and patterns can affect the brain and mind as well as sound.

    Some research and experimentation is being done on primary energy centers (chakras), mainly on scientifically detecting and then artificially generating similar frequencies.* I know of two devices that have resulted from this research.* The first is called the Q-Link (see www.enlightenment.com ) and another I heard mentioned of by, Ken Wilbur, on one of his audio CD's, which are available from the above website.* This device is used to carry and enhance sound, so it is felt and heard by the whole body, including the charisma of the artist, rather than just being heard. This is a kind of super chakra powered stereo machine.

    Persinger's method uses EM fields to stimulate particular areas of the brain that, through trial and error experimentation, appears to be linked with the production of altered states of consciousness, spiritual perceptions and experiences, including OBE.* By stimulating certain brain areas, the subtle spiritual mechanisms these are connected to are also stimulated, producing a variety of unusual sensory experiences. This research shows great promise.

    However, the secrets of the human brain and mind are not so easily revealed and exploited. The assumption behind Persinger's approach seems to be that the human brain contains the mind and that all psychic perceptions and altered states, including dreaming and OBE, are internal functions of the brain that can be artificially stimulated. This is understandable, as that is the basis of the current scientific/medical paradigm. But knowledge of the human brain and the mind and the nature of consciousness and spirit are incomplete. There is so much that we do not know. Our current knowledge of the human energy body and the nature of psychic perceptions and abilities, consciousness and altered states of consciousness, including OBE and Remote Viewing and telepathy, are also incomplete.* And this is not to mention our lack of knowledge concerning other dimensions and the greater spiritual reality above the physical universe.

    There is an interesting but largely unknown natural phenomenon that bears some examination in light of this topic. And this is that some people appear to have no physical brains to speak of, or more precisely, they have only a tiny amount of brain tissue inside their skulls.* Before you hit the delete button, take a look at the following link.* Go to
    http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=lorber+sheffield+brain and read through some of the links provided on this topic. This makes fascinating reading. It also raises a great many questions that I doubt will be answered in the near future.

    In a nutshell, a professor Lorber, from Sheffield University, whose specialty is neurology, discovered a student on his campus around 1980 that had no detectable brain.* This is a rare medical condition, caused by a build up of cerebral fluid and pressure in childhood that causes the brain to shrink. In the article cited, a number of other people were also identified with this condition. In some cases, the skull was full of cerebral fluid and only a few millimetres of brain tissue were found covering the brain stem.* But some of these people had above-average IQ's and excellent working memory abilities, including one university math honour student.

    This phenomenon has been swept under the carpet for many years, because it obviously points to massive flaws in scientific understanding of the nature of the human brain in relation to it size.* This also shows that Persinger's basic assumption may also be flawed. His methods are causing effects, but exactly what is happening is unclear. It would be interesting to see how effective Persinger's methods would be on a subject with hardly any brain matter.

    The primary questions here are, obviously, how can a human being live a completely normal life with only a couple of ounces of brain tissue, with the brain size of a rat?* So just what the heck is the human brain and what does it really do? And, as the human mind and seat of consciousness is obviously not inside the human brain, then where is it hiding? This leaves in tatters the long-standing scientific belief that brain size and intelligence (and consciousness) have a direct relationship.

    For all that, I advise against a gung ho approach with this type of research. Like any new discovery it must be carefully studied before it will be safe to use.* It might sound great to be able to switch on altered perceptions with no time and effort being required, but this could easily have a downside.* What would happen if such perceptions could not be turned off? Nature in all its wisdom closed humans off to such advanced altered states and psychic perceptions, and for good reason.

    It is not possible to exist with fully functioning altered perceptions and stay sane at the same time, not if they can't be turned off. It might sound like a wonderful thing to suddenly be able to see spirit beings and read minds and hear spirit voices and etc all the time, but if it could not be turned off this would grossly interfere with human existence in the real world. What I describe above sounds very much like schizophrenia. We must also take into account natures way of making high levels of discipline and trained mental control necessary in order to safely manifest and use advanced altered states and psychic perceptions. Mental and spiritual control can only safely be developed through long-term efforts.* Without the necessary controls, one would simply go insane if these abilities were suddenly switched on artificially and could not be turned off.

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