• Practical Psychic Self-Defense



    Practical Psychic Self-Defense:* Understanding and Surviving Unseen Forces

    by Robert Bruce

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    Practical Psychic Self-Defense: understanding and surviving unseen influences (PPSD), was not conceived as a popular book, but to help real people with real supernatural problems. Conflict with some popular New Age type beliefs was unavoidable. PPSD offers sound experience-based advice and a range of practical countermeasures that can be used by the average person with no background in applied metaphysics. Everything is explained and taught as simply and practically as possible. Where necessary, short training units are provided to fill in the gaps.

    PPSD focuses on educating people on the how's and why's of supernatural problems and what can be done about them; from mild psychic influences and hauntings, to major psychic attacks and possessions. PPSD is a supernatural expose' for the uninitiated, and a survival guide for those living the nightmare.

    Supernatural problems often require supernatural solutions. For this reason, though most countermeasures within PPSD are very down-to-earth, elements of applied metaphysics are found throughout. As far as possible, PPSD desensationalizes potentially frightening subject matter by classing all spirits that can adversely affect humans as negative inorganic beings, or 'negs' for short.
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