• Initiation Into Hermetics


    Initiation Into Hermetics

    by Franz Bardon

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    This is the tried and true foundation book for Hermetics.* It provides powerful practices that teach* through experience how to work with the elements.* This book requires dedication to the exercises.* Do not buy it if you are looking to just read and not rigorously train mentally and even physically.* It is a book on discipline - definitely a requirement for any one serious in the art of magic.

    My interest in this book was to improve my healing skills through understanding the elements.* Elemental magic is commonly used in many of the healing techniques today.* Though this is rarely stated outright.* Many healers want to avoid any association with magic.* But magic is a disciplined method for working with energy and consciousness - precisely what a healer needs to learn.

    As we read more modern books like Masaru Emotos book "The Hidden Messages in Water" we come to understand why water plays such an important role in Hermetics.* Embuing energy into water to create powerful healing elixers seems less hocus pocus now.* -Violetsky

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