• Modern Magick


    Modern Magick:* Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts

    by Donald Michael Kraig

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    This is the best book on the fundamentals of magic.* It explains the core practices and rituals of protective and energetic magic in great depth. I would recommend this level of* magic be known by healers.* Especially if they are dealing with more difficult cases.

    Ritual magic provides extra focus and allows us to tap into particular energies.* Unfortunately many people get themselves in serious trouble with magic because of naivity, selfishness or ego. Understanding protective magic can help those who have taken a wrong turn.* But remember magic is just working with energy and consciousness.* Everyone on this planet is doing magic every day as they wish people well or ill. *

    Few people are aware how important it is to control their thoughts and emotions about others.* Our thoughs have a Dramatic impact on other peoples health. All it takes is one angry person in a patients life to cause them serious illness. Yet another reason for a healer to have these skills in their daily tool box for self and others.* -Violetsky

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