• Garlic and Scent Wards

    Using Garlic

    I have found that some truth can often be found in myths, legends, superstitions and old wives tales. Garlic is historically reputed to have magical properties and to be an effective ward against vampires, non-physical manifestations and astral lights. Astral Lights is the traditional occult term used to describe the tiny silver sparks and motes of light that appear in and around an area where a manifestation is occurring. The size and duration of astral lights is directly related to the strength of the manifestation causing them.

    I have found garlic to be extremely useful and have experimented with it for many years. It is an effective and versatile countermeasure. If used correctly, it will deter any non-physical manifestation, big or small, from operating in an area affected by its pungent odor.

    The underlying principles I work with are: that light, sound and smell from the physical dimension reflect directly into the real time zone. The real time zone is a direct reflection of reality. The senses of a real time projector are greatly enhanced, and I believe this sensory enhancement also extends to all types of astral wildlife as well. The scent of pungent herbs and perfumes are thus sensed far more keenly in the real time zone than they are in the physical dimension. They therefore have a much stronger affect on astral wildlife. Garlic, in particular, gives off a clinging odor which permeates the local atmosphere in the real time zone. Garlic also contains a high level of sulfur, which is well-known to be detrimental and offensive to negative atmospheres and astral wildlife. Garlic makes the atmosphere offensive and repellent to astral wildlife, and to many humans as well come to think of it.

    General Use of Garlic

    While the idea of using garlic as a countermeasure is nothing new, the way in which garlic should be used is extremely important. This is definitely not common knowledge. For example, just placing a few strings or cloves of garlic around a room will be found to have little or no effect as a repellent or atmosphere cleanser.

    This countermeasure may appear overly drastic and antisocial to some people, but please keep in mind that this is part of the reason why it is so effective. The stench of garlic is much easier to deal with than are negative atmospheres, manifestations and psychic attacks.

    Reasonably fresh garlic cloves are the most effective. As a general deterrent, peel and slice a few cloves of garlic into thin rounds. Spread these out over two small plates. Position one plate near the foot and one near the head of a bed, or on bedside tables, or even underneath the bed is fine. Alternatively, several smaller plates or even pieces of kitchen paper can be used, and these placed around the room on tables and counters. This creates an extremely strong and long-lasting garlic smell inside any room treated in this way.

    Used garlic should, traditionally, be removed from the house in the morning and burned or buried. Realistically, flushing them down the toilet is quite adequate. Traditionally, garlic should not be consumed after being used as a ward, as it is reputed to absorb negative energies. These may be ingested or released back into a house if not disposed of properly. While difficult to prove, this caution seems reasonable.

    If you have an ongoing problem, it is also wise to take a little garlic daily, either fresh or in cooking, or in odorless capsule form if you do not like the smell and taste. When ingested regularly, garlic permeates the physical body and causes a faint odor in the skin. This acts as a good personal deterrent. The strength of this odor is directly related to the quantity and potency of the garlic consumed, as does its effect. Garlic also has many health benefits and more information on this will be available from any good health food shop.

    If the smell of garlic is overly offensive but its use is still required, I suggest a freshly crushed clove of garlic be placed in a tissue and then held very close to the nose, with several deep inhalations being taken. This will overload the sense of smell and make the more subtle smell from a garlic treated room or skin area less noticeable. In any case, the smell of garlic in a treated room soon becomes virtually unnoticeable, as the sense of smell tunes it out after a short time.

    Another way to use garlic to treat a room or house quickly is to mix garlic juice with a little water or unscented oil. This mixture can be slowly evaporated in an oil burner of the type used with fragrant essential oils. If you have never used this type of oil burner, ask at a health food shop or wherever you see essential oils and incense offered for sale.

    Direct Application of Garlic

    Garlic forms a stronger and more specific deterrent when applied directly to the skin. This is particularly effective in repelling larger and more persistent energy feeders. Garlic juice can be applied to the feet and hands simply by roughly rubbing a peeled and broken clove on them. Alternatively, the garlic can be crushed and the raw juice use as a lotion. Care must be taken not to get any garlic juice in the eyes or onto sensitive or broken skin to avoid burns and blisters. Thin slices of garlic can also be applied directly to the skin, which tends to have a more specific effect on problem areas. This will stop the vast majority of energy feeders dead in their tracks, no matter how strong or determined they are.

    The feet are the most vulnerable areas and, after rubbing a little garlic juice over them, slices of garlic can also be wrapped in thin tissue paper and placed inside a pair of loose socks. These socks can then be worn during sleep or projection. The odor of the garlic is intensified inside the socks and its effectiveness is thereby increased. Any area of the body can be treated in this way, with slices of garlic being attached directly to it with surgical tape.

    If garlic is to be taped to an area of sensitive skin, i.e., underarm's, genitals, face, ears or broken skin (it will blister sensitive skin) it is best either wrapped in tissue paper first, or used with a layer of plastic food wrap between it and the skin, thus avoiding direct skin contact. Do not wrap the piece of garlic completely in plastic wrap though, as this will block the smell and defeat its purpose. If the mouth is felt as being affected, chew or suck a small clove of garlic and do not brush your teeth afterwards. This will treat the whole mouth area. If you have never eaten raw garlic, please be careful as it is hotter than most people realize and can easily cause blisters. Whole cloves of peeled garlic can also be placed under pillows and sheets and in bed clothing pockets.

    Garlic can also be used in a spray form. Crush several cloves of garlic and add the strained juice to water. Pour this mixture into a small pump spray bottle of the kind used for household cleaning sprays. Plain tap water is fine, but you can also use fresh spring water (recommended) and can even add a dash of Holy water, which is also recommended. This mixture can be shaken and used to spray over the feet and hands, or sprayed into the air to treat large open areas very quickly. If you have a serious or ongoing problem, its a good idea to keep a bottle of this mixture handy.

    Other Countermeasures and Wards

    Following are some other countermeasures and wards which I have also found to be effective. Some are passive and some are active, while others are more like emergency procedures for use in case of direct psychic attack. These can be used singly or in combinations to counter any kind of energy interference or attack, subtle or direct. With all the active procedures given below, to obtain the best results it is important to use them as soon as any interference is detected.


    Fumigation is an ancient method of clearing a house of negative energies, or to rid a house of all negative spirit entities. This is very effective, but some preparations are required and great care must be taken as all fumigants are dangerous. A censor (charcoal incense burner) is the best tool for fumigation. These can be purchased from New Age stores, or stores that sell items for magick.


    A house or room can be fumigated to remove negative energies. Sulfur is the traditional substance (re why garlic works so well) but burning sulfur gives off poisonous smoke so it must be used with great care. To fumigate a room, first acquire some sulfur powder and place a small quantity (a heaped teaspoon) on a metal or ceramic ashtray. Close the windows and place the ashtray on a fireproof base away from curtains and paper, etc. Holding your breath, ignite the sulfur. It will burn quite easily. Quickly leave the room and close the door. Return a half-hour later and, holding your breath, open the door, extinguish any remaining burning sulfur with water, open the window, then leave the room and close the door. Return after the room has aired. To do a whole house, repeat the above procedure with a larger amount of sulfur (say a heaped tablespoon). Close all external windows and doors and open all internal doors. Place the burner in the center of the house. Hold your breath and ignite the sulfur, then quickly leave the house. Reenter an hour or so later, holding your breath, extinguish any still burning sulfur with water, open up windows and doors and leave the hose to air. Return only when the air is clear.

    Please keep in mind that burning sulfur will kill pet animals and even goldfish, so please remove these first.


    This method is much safer than using sulfur. To fumigate a house, burn hot chili peppers, with a little garlic and a tiny quantity of ginger added, for the same purpose as the above. This remedy was taught to me by a dear friend from India. It comes from the Indian magick system, Punja. This can be done in a censer or even a cast iron frypan. You need a handful of hot chili peppers, a few cloves of garlic, and a tiny piece of ginger root (a quarter teaspoon of ginger is plenty). Dry fry these in a hot pan and it will quickly give of lots of smoke. Be careful as this smoke is viscous stuff. It will burn your eyes and lungs. It will give any non-asthmatic an asthma attack. Use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose. The frypan can be placed on a fireproof surface in a closed room, and it left until the smoke clears, same as with sulfur. To do a whole house, carry the frypan around the house, entering and circling every room. Then leave the house until the smoke clears.

    Other Scents

    As an alternative to garlic, slices of raw onion can be used to treat a room. This is nowhere near as effective as garlic as a repellent, but it will have some effect. Onion is more useful as a general atmosphere cleanser as it absorbs negative energies slowly.

    For other scents and herbs, I suggest book on natural magic and aromatherapy be consulted before experimenting. One caution here: if you use a scent which is supposed to repel or cleanse negative atmospheres, according to a book, but find it does not work or even makes things worse, please discontinue its use immediately and go back to garlic. Try others until you find one that does work.

    Scent can be applied in many ways, e.g., infusions, air sprays, potpourris, oil burners, joss sticks, perfume or ointment. Fresh cut herbs and flowers and pot plants are another excellent way of applying scent to a room and treating an atmosphere. A potted Rosemary bush has strong repellant properties. These can also be planted around the house to help prevent negative entities from entering. Good quality air-freshener sprays can also help, and are excellent for treating a room or house quickly.

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