• Running Water Countermeasures - The Scientific Explanation

    Running water grounds, repels and or dispels the energies of negative spirit entities. I learned this by accident and hard experience. Only recently did I discover the scientific 'why' of how this phenomenon works.

    Running water has different physical properties to still water. Running water picks up electrical charges. The more active the water, the stronger this effect becomes. Click on the following links for more scientific explanation.

    Video of this phenomenon

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    Video of related water electrical phenomenon

    Physics Explanation of Running Water Phenomena

    The physical forces generated by running water earths or grounds the static electromagnetic forces of which negative spirit beings are partly composed, attracting and 'grounding' these forces. If this were not the case then running water countermeasures would not work, but they do. This is the only scientific explanation I have found that makes any sense.

    In my research, I have found the volume and speed of running water to be important factors in how effective running water is for breaking negative entity attacks, and cleansing attachments. The greater the volume and agitation of the water being used, the stronger the effect it has on negative spirit entities.

    I have had experiences, and had same reported to me by others, times where a neg has crossed a garden hose during a direct attack on persons. But, when crossing a water main pipe shortly after this, the neg was instantly broken away.

    Areas like river rapids, waterfalls, and surf, generate large amounts of ozone, and given the large amount of agitated water, they obviously exert strong influences on static electromagnetic fields. These are also prime areas for weakening and removing negative spirit entity attachments.

    Negative spirit entities are for all intents and purposes two dimensional beings, bound to the surface of the earth. They cannot cross running water unaided, not unless they hitch hike across with a living being, human or animal. This appears to shield the entity from the ground level running water field.

    One would think that negative spirit beings could just fly over running water, or go around it, but repeated experience shows me that this is not the case.

    Apart from the fact that negative entities are strongly affected by running water, the above also tells us that negs do not see or perceive the physical world as we do. If they did, they would simply move around a running water barrier, like say a garden hose resting on the groung gushing water. But, they do not. This tells us a lot about how negs perceive us. They do not have physical eyes with which to see, this much is obvious.

    A negative spirit being, ghost, etc, contains an electromagnetic charge. Various devices are used by parapsychologists to identify the presence of troublesome spirit entities by detecting EM fields.

    Water spirits and air spirits can obviously fly over or cross running water. But these types of spirit beings are seldom troublesome. The most troublesome types are earth element spirits, and earth bound spirits and ghosts, to name but a few.

    Crossing running water, a garden hose, underground main water pipe, river or stream, will remove a negative spirit while it is in the attacking stage. Once this gains hitch hiker status, it is protected from the energy of running water by the person or animal it is hitch hiking on. It is then more difficult to remove.

    However, larger amounts of running water and prolonged exposure will still remove hitch hiking negative entities. To this end, standing onto top of many coils of garden hose, with water gushing through it, for several minutes or longer will drain negative spirits of energy and remove them.

    Steel as a countermeasure

    Historically, steel and iron have been known to be effective countermeasures against paranormal activity. This works, I think, by grounding or earthing the static electromagnetic fields which are components of manifesting entities and related paranormal phenomenon.

    Visualization/Imagination Method

    A visualization will greatly empower this process, adding intention to the cleansing act. While standing under a shower, or over running water, imagine brilliant light filling your head like a fluid and spreading down through your body. As you do this, also imagine discolored fluid leaking from your feet and draining away. Continue for several minutes, or for as long as necessary.

    Shower Method

    The above running water plus visualization method can also be done in the shower with good effect. Stand under a shower as soon as possible after interference begins, and perform the visualization.

    The shower plus visualization method can be done every day for a few minutes while showering. This will help remove excess buildup of negative energy. A buildup of negative energy is a part of all neg invasions, particularly so when negs desire long term attachments with humans.

    Based on the physical principles of how running water anti neg countermeasures work, it should be possible to build devices that repel negative spirit beings much more powerfully.

    Strong magnets are also a great help for repelling negative spirit beings. See my article on magnets for protection.

    Given that troublesome spirits and ghosts and earthbound spirits cannot cross running water, and that every street in our towns and cities contain large underground water main pipes, spirits and earthbound ghosts tend to become concentrated in city blocks and apartment buildings. We need to find a way to correct this situation.

    Building more effective anti neg devices is a life long dream of mine. I envision personal protective devices that can be work on the body, and larger ones to protect the whole home. These will allow us to live in a world that is becoming increasingly spiritually polluted. Part of the problem is overpopulation and the sheer number of deceased people passing over every day, and part of it has to do with modern plumbing.

    Earthbound x human spirits are earthbound for reasons. This is usually because of unfinished business, or addictions, or anger, or the need for revenge, etc. The accumulation and concentration of such spirits, and how they affect the living, are matters needing serious thought. Everyone can be affected by this type of energy, but sensitive people and children are particularly at risk.

    Apart from personal and home shielding, I also hope to discover a way to remove trapped and earthbound spirits and ghosts from buildings, and help them to move on. This may sound a bit like the movie 'ghostbusters' but I think it would be doable.

    My biggest stumbling block to completing my research on these matters, as any scientist can relate, has been a simple lack of funding. However, I can now see a small light at the end of the tunnel and hope that various projects I have underway will help.

    Another Scientific Explanation

    The below is the response of a psychics professor when asked about running water properties.

    A big thank you to Philippe for providing some of the information given on this page.

    A water molecule has an unusual property due to its shape.* The molecule does have an oxygen molecule at the center and a hydrogen molecule at each end, but not in a straight line.* The molecule has a 120 degree bend at the center.* The oxygen holds the electrons more tightly than do the hydrogen atoms.* The side with the oxygen is negatively charged.* The side with the hydrogen atoms is positively charged.* If the water is warm enough, some of the water molecules split into positive and negative ions:* H(+) and OH(-).

    When the water is near a charged object, the opposite charges turn toward the object and the like charges turn away.* Oppositely charged ions move toward the object, and the like ions move away.* Electric force depends on distance.* The opposite charges, which feel attraction, are closer than the like charges, which feel repulsion.* The total attraction is stronger than the total repulsion.* Therefore, the water is drawn toward the charged object.

    When the water stream has more positive charge on one side and more negative charge on the other, it produces an electric field around the stream that is shaped very much like the magnetic field of a bar magnet.* The field extends from the positive side of the stream around to the negative side.

    The electric field produced by the charged object is what the water stream actually interacts with.* The object’s electric field transmits the force from the object to the water.* The presence of this field is what causes the charges to move around within the stream.* The field produced by the stream is what transmits force from the stream to the charged object.

    See video of this phenomenon.

    I will update this page as more information comes to light.

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