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    All negative non-physical beings, regardless of their type, strength and intelligence, have one thing in common: in order to manifest strongly enough in the real time zone to affect the physical dimension in any way, they need darkness and quiet. Deny them these two things and you make life very difficult for them indeed. Add a deterrent scent to a well lit room with a radio or TV playing softly, and this can be made into a very uncomfortable place for anything to build up in. The louder the sound the stronger the sound deterrent will be.

    If a house has a recurring negative atmosphere or manifestation problem, the source of this can usually be tracked down to a particular part of the house. This is usually the darkest and quietest part of the house, often a disused room, hallway, landing or cellar. Drawing curtains in the daytime to let in more light, or fitting a brighter bulb or skylight to this area is a good way of fixing a problem like this permanently. At least one wind-chime is also recommended for this area, placed inside where it can catch a draught, or outside a window where it can catch the wind. A radio can also be used for areas like cellars where there is no flow of air for wind chimes. This can be tuned to a classical station and left playing softly day and night.


    Music is a great deterrent when used correctly. It generates and promotes a harmonious atmosphere. The type of music used is important but personal taste must also be appeased if it has to be listened to, or it can have a disharmonious effect. Hard rock or heavy metal type music is not suited for this purpose. Although this type of music works fine as a general sound deterrent, it will not be found to have a positive affect on the atmosphere. Classical, country or any popular feel-good type of music is suitable.

    The very best music of all to use as a deterrent where there is a serious manifestation problem, believe it or not, are Christmas carols, children's nursery rhymes and hymns. Carols and hymns generate an uplifting, spiritual kind of energy atmosphere. Children's nursery rhymes, on the other hand, seem to drive all types of astral wildlife completely nuts. This repels them through the promotion of a wholesome, positive, family atmosphere. Added to this is the simplistic annoyance value, long-term exposure to this type of music can have on those with more adult tastes.

    Many parapsychologists make use of nursery rhymes for this very purpose, for environmental exorcism. A prominent parapsychologist friend (who cannot be named for professional reasons) researching the field of environmental exorcism (studying and stopping manifestations) once said to me: 'A long-play tape of children's nursery rhymes (several hours or more) drives most adults nuts in a few minutes, and the spooks...why they're outa there!'

    Working on the above premise, which I have found to be most sound, a continual play tape-deck or CD can be used with good effect. Set it playing either nursery rhymes, Christmas carols or classical music, in that order of preference, in the empty room. This disturbs no one and has a tremendously stabilizing affect upon the general atmosphere. This greatly reduces the likelihood of any negative manifestation building up in the room while it is vacant.

    If a house or room has a serious problem, this music can be left playing during the day while no one is there. It can also be left playing all night, albeit more softly, in the most negatively affected room of the house. A light should also be left on at all times in the worst room and it should also be treated daily with fresh garlic. No matter how badly negative the atmosphere of a room or house is, prolonged treatment like this will eventually restore a positive atmosphere.

    This same type of music can also be used for internal entity problems, helping those who hear voices. Headphones can be used and the music kept playing continuously, even while the subject is asleep. If you can hear them then they can hear you, and they can also hear the music. After a short time, the human surface mind will easily tune out this kind of music, which is something negative entities cannot do. Their inability to do so makes this an excellent countermeasure for this type of problem. This is excellent for children who have nocturnal entity and sleep disturbance problems.


    Percussion is an ancient and very effective way of driving away and deterring demons, dragons and evil spirits. On that note, many non-physical manifestations will take the form of a dragon, with a long sinuous, smoky and snakelike form. Gongs, drums, cymbals, bells, wind chimes, and fire-crackers have long been used for this purpose by Eastern cultures; and very wisely so, I believe. Percussion of any kind can be used as an effective countermeasure against any type of non-physical manifestation. Even clapping hands or banging pots and pans together will have a positive effect upon a negative atmosphere. This breaks up astral lights and negative atmospheres, and disturbs manifestations while they are trying to build up.

    Wind chimes make for an ideal passive countermeasure for disrupting astral lights. I thoroughly recommend at least one be placed in or near each room in a house, so they catch an occasional flow of air and regularly tinkle softly. These can even be placed under the eaves of a house near windows so they catch the wind better.

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