• Alcohol and OBE

    I am often asked about whether the use of alcohol will help or hinder OBE and psychic experiences. Many people experience OBE and OBE related symptoms after drinking alcohol wine

    Alcohol and OBE:

    "One day after drinking a few beers with friends I went to sleep, and woke up in the morning (with a slight hangover). I then went back to sleep. My body felt super relaxed and began a slight wave like feeling (like I was the ocean) and then it turned to vibrating (exactly like a cell phone going off). It scared me alot...so I did some google searching and other people have the same vibrating problem but don't know what it was...until. Luckily someone had a post about astral travel, and google let me find you.

    My question is....was the alcohol an aid in this process or a deterrent? I always thought alcohol was a deterrent for the 3rd eye?"


    I did have a chapter in my book, Astral Dynamics, on this, but it was removed for 'duty of care' reasons.

    The vibrations are directly related to OBE.

    A mild hangover will put you in a deeply relaxed state, but your body will be too uncomfortable to fall asleep easily, and you will wake frequently, even though you are very tired. This, if you try to sleep but you can't, will put you into a deep altered state 'the mind awake body asleep state' which is perfect for OBE (astral projection). The 'slight discomfort' of your body will also allow you to download OBE memories more easily, so you will remember more of your OBE related experiences and symptoms than you usually recall.

    It is this 'slight discomfort' that is key in your remembering this experience and not the alcohol per se.

    Alcohol relaxes the physical and energy bodies and in a way opens you up to psychic experiences by dropping your natural shielding and blockages and inhibitions. Inhibitions to OBE often come from unpleaseant childhood OBE experiences. This is similar to your fear reaction to these 'vibration' experiences now, but more intense due to younger age.

    I do not recommend alcohol or drugs for OBE as, although it can sometimes cause OBE and psychic experiences, because it also loosens your self-control and lowers your natural defenses. You need a clear head for OBE. A not-so-clear head can open you up to unpleaseant experiences.

    Added to all this, a lack of knowlege about these things, natural OBE and psychic experiences, can be very fear inducing.

    You can create similar circumstances of 'slight discomfort' and 'deeply relaxed state' without alcohol, and maintain a clear head and better control, with a bit of regular practice: leaning how to achieve a deeply relaxed state, meditation, OBE exit methods, etc.


    Followup letter:

    "Please use my letter. I hope it helps someone else, and thank you for the quick response. Actually I left my body the other day with out any sort of alcohol, but I didn't use rope. I exited from a Lucid Dream. There was no tutorial online for how to do that, but I think my body just knows how to do it, it was a great experience, and I vibrated alot longer this time because I wasn't afraid this time."