• When consciousness enters the womb?

    I was recently asked 'when does consciousness enter the womb?' womb

    I vividly remember waking up in my mother's womb, but i do not know how far along she was pregnant. This happened many times. I do remember that my consciousness was profound, every bit the equal of what I am now.

    I think, when a baby wakes and begins moving in the womb, that this is when the baby first becomes conscious, first awakens.

    But, before this, the baby was sleeping and dreaming.

    Dreaming does not mean the baby is unconscious, or that the baby has not become conscious.

    We dream for 1/3 of our lives, while we sleep.

    After we die, we dream.

    In the early stages of womb life we dream.

    The only thing that connects all stages of life and afterlife is the dreaming.

    There is more to dreaming than is commonly suspected.

    And, who is the dreamer? Are you awake now or are you dreaming. Its almost impossible to tell. There is so little difference, if any, that one wonders if there is actually any difference. The physical universe is also just another dimension. It is no different from the astral or mental dimensions, etc. It just feels more solid and finite. But in essence it is no different.