• Ashwagandah support for altered states andOBE

    Ashwagandah is an amazing herb. It is effective for reducing stress and anxiety and promoting sleep. Reduced stress helps one achieve altered states of consciousness and OBE.*Ashwagandha Ashwagandah is an amazing herb for reducing adrenalin and anxiety. These states make it difficult to relax deeply enough to achieve altered states and OBE. It also cures insomnia in 80% of people, when taken before bedtime.

    I have had excellent results with this, from students of mine with various anxiety and insomnia problems.

    You can get this online or through any health store. The best way, and cheapest, is to buy the shredded root. I bought a kilo of this, organic root shredded, in a Canadian health food store for about $40. That's a lot and so it lasts a long time. Use a clean coffee grinder to grind to powder.

    A level tablespoon twice a day is a good start. Vary to suit - but no less than 200mg as the pic below suggests. It has a residual effect and best results will be had after a couple of days.

    Its bitter. I just put it in my mouth and sip a little water to wet it, and then wash it down. Another way is to mix in fruit juice.

    Ashwagahdah is a great normalizer of all bodily functions and is effective for a host of conditions.

    See pic and the wiki