• Beyond Belief - Spiritual Spam

    Many people are confused and conflicted about what to believe, relating to spiritual matters. The following may help you understand what is involved and why, and what you can do about this belief1
    I had similar concerns many years ago, about whether some of my beliefs and half-beliefs, and things other people had told me, and things I had read, were true or not.* I was in a kind of crisis at the time, because I was pushing the envelope on all things spiritual and paranormal, and things just did not add up according to popular beliefs of any variety.

    Since then, hard life experience has proven to me over and over that all these things are real...the astral planes, real time zone, OBE, phenomena, spirit beings, etc, etc.

    But, the only way you can make these things real to yourself is through personal experience. There is no other way. You can force yourself to accept anything...but you will not actually 'believe' until you experience something. Only then it becomes real. This is the secret of realization.

    Do not take on a belief because it sounds good and fits in with your thinking. Such a belief should be shelved under the labels 'possible' and 'probable' etc.

    See this link, and click on 'the catch basket concept' for more information of where I am coming from in relation to the nature of belief.


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    The Catch Basket Concept article is worth reading andapplying, listing and testing your own truths with this simple yardstick. 'All beliefs should flow from personal experience'. No exceptions.

    For example, many people believe in angels and etc, without having every encountered one. But still they believe. This applies to most spiritual beliefs.

    In truth....the truth is not what it seems, and reality is beyond good and evil, and beyond common belief. It is what it is...much like physics.

    We humans tend to choose our beliefs to suit our mindset, fears and expectations and insecurities. the truth has little to do with this choosing.

    People generally choose beliefs that support continued life, and continued choice and control over our spiritual lives. Again, this has nothing to do with truth, and much to do with fashion and what others believe.

    Further to this....We may want to believe that the earth is flat, because in our experience it is obviously flat. We climb to the highest mountain and look out on the world on a clear day, and it spreads out before us...and is obviously flat. But, from a higher perspective the view is different and the earth is obviously round. And in between these views, scientists make observations of planetary movements, take measurements, etc, and come to some very unpopular conclusions...that the earth is round and orbits the sun, etc.

    The above is an excellent example of how spiritual understanding and knowledge evolves over time. In our current time, we are bombarded with advertising and pressure to believe this, believe that, etc. Its hard to know what to do....most slip into automatic denial of all spiritual ideals as a way of reducing the amount of spiritual spam we receive, in real life and on the internet, everywhere.

    Try this... the next time you are approached by a door knocker preaching some religious ideals, ask this simple question 'How much of what you are offering and teaching comes from your own personal experience?' When asked this question, most people have no worthwhile answer. These same people might say with passion 'I believe everything in this or that book!'* But how much of that powerful belief comes from hard personal experience. And how much comes secondhand, hearsay.

    In truth, a delusional person who believes that The Matrix is real, or any other movie, has about the same level of proof to offer. The only thing that supports delusional belief in the movie, The Matrix, is the movie itself. This also applies to the majority of spiritual ideals and beliefs presented to us in the spiritual spam we live with today.