• Allowing Psychic Abilities

    During altered state sessions, it is common to have brief visions. When 'allowed' to manifest, these are not vague things, but have full color. They can contain sound. They can be metaphorical, precognitive, or depict real life and real time events, etc.* This is clairvoyance...a visual psychic ability <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-630" title="clairvoyance" src="/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/clairvoyance.jpg" alt="clairvoyance" width="106" height="79" />

    But it is common for such visions to be short lived...lasting only a few moments before you lose hold of it, before some invisible force shuts them out, like turning off a TV. It might just start building up, you start to see it...wow....and then it goes away.

    Its almost like an invisible parent reaches out and shuts it off..saying...that's not suitable for your viewing... And this is basically what is happening.

    What I am about to say is incredibly important to anyone wanting to develop OBE or psychic abilities.

    These visions appear in your mind because you are nudging the envelope through the altered state and energy work sessions.

    Psychic abilities are peeking through your perceptual filters.

    The moment they appear, and your higher self notices, it shuts them down according to your default settings.

    Higher self filters out subtle senses and abilities, including OBE, by default, to keep us grounded here in the physical. Barring natural ability or faulty filters, this is the norm.

    Here's what I want you to do.

    The next time you have a vision, closely observe your body with body awareness.

    You will feel a subtle movement of energy through your stomach and chest, and in your head minds eye space.

    You will feel a big part of your self cutting off the vision, pushing it away.

    This is a direct movement and action by your higher self.

    This feels like you are doing this yourself. But why....when you would love to have the visions and etc?

    The only way around this is to 'allow' the ability.

    All of us have perfect natural strong psychic abilities already. But these are not allowed by our default settings.

    So, how do we change the default settings?

    With intention.

    And the best way to approach this is through verbal and silent affirmations.

    We need to get through to higher self that we want these abilities, and OBEs. We need to express that we love these things and that we are okay with allowing them.

    Every day, many times a day even, say out loud 'I am clairvoyant' 'I see energy' 'I have visions' 'I love my visions' 'I see into the astral dimension' 'I see spirits' 'I see the greater reality' 'I have perfect psychic abilities'

    and etc.

    This works.

    In time, as long as it takes, short or long, you will notice a weakening of the higher self hand that shuts these things out, a hesitancy. The visions will begin lasting longer and appearing more often.

    Having visions is quite confronting, you will find. And this confrontation mirrors the feelings of your higher self. You will have mixed feelings, often tinged by fear of the unknown and etc.

    Continue 'allowing' this and visions and etc will stop and start and stutter, but progressively grow stronger and more reliable.

    Robert Bruce