• Astral sight - an interesting Question.

    A very interesting question and answer, from an inmate of a US prison, via his girlfriend.First his question, concerning astral sight and some unusual sightings, and then my response. <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-719" title="images" src="/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/images.jpg" alt="images" width="133" height="100" />

    <strong><!--more-->The question</strong>

    Dear Mr. Bruce.

    During a very stressful time in my life I was laying on my prison bunk with my eyes closed and as I passed my hand over my closed eyes I could see it was made of particles of light, I looked and could see all of me was made of this or overlaid by it, then above my chest approximately a foot away was a frisby sized vortex spinning, with my eyes close or if in complete darkness this is always visable. I see this with my eyes and not my minds eye.* I have been able to verify this by covering one eye with more layers than the other to where the background is darker on that side. I can see that all material objects are also made of or overlaid by these particles of light. I can see through heavy guage metal to my hand when I waive it on the other side. I dont see different colors however I see different shades of light.
    The first vortex when looking at it with closed eyes I could move it turn it and spin it in all different directions with my hands made of light, then I was able to move it just with intention alone.

    Then out of the center of this vortex a tube of particles of light formed and on the end of that another vortex formed. Something like a dumbell. I could grab it by the tube as it was like a handle and my hand of particles of light would hold it. This double vortex started growing into 4,6,8...now everywhere I look the space is filled with dancing, spinning particles of light. I have Vortexes or chakras that I can see in all places such as feet, hands, joints and the primary areas. The particles of light outside me sometimes form different shapes that all inter connect like one organic being.

    Wherever I focus my awareness it seems to make more of itself. It always has a vortex moving side to side in front of my chest area around my solarplexes. The side to side movement is maybe 4 inches back and forth. When I am in a room with a bunch of other people they all have this to as if it is connecting every one together thru their chakras.* It seems also that some of these swim around through the particles of light as if scanning around.* While laying on my bunk I was about to initiate energy at my feet as that is where I start and I noticed a large vortex kept scanning up and down my body as if waiting for me to open one of my energy centers.
    At first I thought these were a creation or extention of myself as I was originally able to manipulate them with thought alone. However now that I see they are attached to everyone and are everywhere I wonder if it is something that was attracted to my energy at the time and has grown from there.
    My confusion is that it started with one small vortex I could see and grew from there, so it cant be something that has always been everywhere but now is. Unless my mind only let me see a little bit at a time.
    I have been in custody since this has happend so I have been unable to research this. My wonderful fiance sent me your Astral Dynamics book which is absolutely amazing, from what I have read you are the only person I know of who can answer my questions. I am currently in Prison. Come see this for yourself, if you are out of body. Please let me know you have my permission to use this information in any way you wish as hopefully it is something that can help give us a greater understanding of our world.
    I am currently waiting on an appeal. I am in my 40's and have never been in prison before. I am certified in hypnotherapy, and reiki. I am looking forward to reading any subjects you have written about as your integrity and experience that you share out of the love of wanting to help others is beautiful and unique. I had great tears of joy when I read about you meeting your eight year old son, I dont consciously know why it touched me so deeply, but I just kept reading what he said to you over and over.
    Please email my fiance,

    Thank you, Nathan
    P.S. Sorry to add this, but Nate wanted me to tell you when he does energy work the vortexs/chakras* at his hands increase.

    He says.... Whenever I hold my hands apart in front of me I can see the particles of light energy go between turn following them from my palms as I move my hands around they are always connected by the energy in the center it diverts to one of the vortexes outside of me. When I lay on my bunk and just* relax my whole body vibrates and I feel energy pulsing and moving throughout it at this time the vortexes above me seem to be much larger moving back and forth over my body. I can stay like this for an hour without getting rapid heart beat and OBE separation symptoms.

    This has been happening every day for the last week (I mean, seeing vibrations) I have been seeing the particles of light for almost one year now. I never see darkness when my eyes are closed; my eyes always see these it is just that in the daylight or with lights on they are to faint to interfere with my normal vision.

    I can also see them in dark shadows with my eyes opened. There is no way for me to turn this off. When I close my eyes to go to sleep it is always there. I would love to have some insight on what this is or hear if anyone else can see this.


    <strong>My Response</strong>

    I posted a response to this in my forums and blog, which I have copied here, minus email addresses and names.

    I expect its difficult being in prison, but a Buddhist monk would consider your situation a blessing. Huge amounts of free time to practice meditation, energy work, prayer, affirmations, etc. I have often though about this, about how i could cope with prison, and about what would be the best way to get permanent solitary confinement. This is considered a punishment, but for me it would be a blessing. Maybe one could just ask for it.

    Regardless of why and the legalities of it all, life has placed you where you are. Fight for your rights, of course. But also accept what is. And as long as you are there, take advantage of the situation as best you can. Meditate, do energy work, etc, and work on your spiritual development. Life has put you there for a reason. This may not be clear, but it will be there. It is both a test and an opportunity.

    I suggest you copy my recent blog post on observer mind meditation, too, at www.blog.astraldynamics.com see


    There are also many recent posts astral sight and clairvoyance that might interest you..

    You appear to have developed a form of clairvoyance, involving astral and energy sight. I have something similar, so recognize the symptoms. This can be developed to a kind of remote viewing. Use affirmations and commands to control this.

    Realize that everything you do in this sense involves your higher self, which holds all the keys. Start getting to know your higher self, which is in you and all around you. This will also make your life easier, as your positive energies will do the same as the negative energies are doing there...they will network and influence everything and everyone in positive ways.

    This is partly due to your natural ability, partly due to the large amount of free time you have, and partly due to the concentration of negative psychic energy in the environment there. All contribute to stimulating your minds eye visual abilities, and to what you are seeing.

    Some of the things you are seeing involve your energy body, chakras and energy circuits, etc.

    Some of the things you see relate to living in a highly-toxic negative environment; a prison.

    The free floating vortexes you see are either thought forms, or entities. The connections between these and the other inmates and yourself form a network. This network, like a grid, collects various types of vitality and energies, from biological and mental processes, including negative type energies.

    Your connection and involvement with these negative energy forms, and the network, can be shifted and shielded with energy work and intention and affirmations. What I suggest is that you create a bubble of positive energy around yourself. This will protect you from the energy draining and negative influences, and allow you to tune into more positive energies. Also, this will allow you to see and perceive higher energies and forms. This will help with your spiritual development generally.

    <strong>Violet/Purple Fire:</strong>

    The first thing I would do is to use electric violet fire to cleanse your space. The color you can best use may vary. Some people do best with magenta, some with purple. Electric violet is what to aim for, but it is more important to use a color you can use powerfully.

    Imagine a giant blowtorch. See the violet fire coming from its tip. State (aloud or silently) 'This violet fire cleanses and protects' 'this violet fire burns away negative energy' and etc. This aligns the intentions of the fire.

    Imagine the giant blowtorch roaring high pressure violet fire as strongly as you can. See this fire bouncing off the floor, wall ceiling, whatever is before it. See it penetrating everything. Burn the room, walls, floor, ceiling, fixtures, and yourself, thoroughly. See yourself turning to ash leaving a skeleton. Then see the skeleton turning to ask, leaving nothing but fine ash. Repeat.

    Restate your intentions occasionally.

    Whenever you see a suspicious vortex or connection, burn it away with the above.

    Adapt this method to whatever you need.

    Also create a bubble shield around you, composed of electric violet fire. Try to hold this in place as much as you can during the day with a part of your mind. This is a simple thought form shield. It will grow stronger with use, and as the affirmations of intention permeate its structure.

    <strong>Affirmations and Manifestation:</strong>

    Affirmations are the most powerful tool we have, for change and manifestation, and for self healing, everything. They work directly with your higher self and the environment.

    Time and energy affirming = speed and level of results obtained.

    Verbal affirmations are the strongest. The spoken word activates the throat chakra, which projects the worlds onto the astral level. Your higher self is far more receptive and proactive on the astral level.

    Make affirmations to reinforce your cleansing, and your sacred bubble of clean space.

    Also make affirmations to help your life condition, to improve your situation, and more importantly to improve your connection with your higher self.

    If I were you, I would spend my every waking hour doing verbal and silent affirmations (verbal when you are alone and silent when you are not - don't want people to think you are nuts, etc). If you are rarely alone, speak very quietly and focus our awareness on the base of your throat, your throat chakra. Also do this focus when you do silent affirmations.

    I have a friend, a man of 30, who had suffered several years with varicose veins of the testicles. A painful condition. It hurt all the time. I inspired him and spiritually pounded him in a conversation. He said, 'how much time should I put into verbal afirmations?' I said 'How much do you want to get better?' he said 'A lot!'. So I said '16 hours a day'. He balked a bit but said 'I'll do it!!!!'. He had three days off a long weekend so spend the entire time doing affirmations as instructed. 4 days later he contacted me, stunned. The condition disappeared completely on the 3rd night. This is miracle healing. It works. This was a year ago. No recurrence of the condition. He gives thanks every day.

    To work on your freedom with affirmations, do not directly mention anything to do with where you are. Instead, work indirectly. For example, saying 'I am free' or 'I have my freedom' will cause a lot of complexities and is unlikely to work well. Instead, say things like 'I always do the dishes for my wife' or 'I mow my lawn every weekend' or 'I walk on the beach every day'. Pick things that you would do if you were out and at home.

    EG, I gave up smoking recently. I had a powerful addiction. This would work on any addiction or drug. I started doing verbal and silent affirmations over a year ago. I started with things like 'my lungs are pink and healthy'. This gave me a wet cough from then on. (see how this is working). The higher self takes you literally. Realizing this, I started using 'my teeth are white and strong' and 'my breath is always healthy' and other things relating to how I would be without the smoking addiction. Not much happened for a year.

    Then, Oct 22nd 09, I had morning coffee on my patio. I was down to enough tobacco for 3 pipes (I smoked a pipe). I had a pipe and thought, 'I could just not buy any more' and my gut said 'whatever'. Now, usually my gut would tense and say 'NOOOOOO!' with a feeling of panic. (your stomach and intestines are your second brain, source of subconscious mind and seat of higher self in your flesh) I did this a few times more 'I could just give up smoking now' and gut said 'whatever'. So I finished the tobacco and put away my pipe and popped some nicotine gum in my mouth. My gut said 'whatever'.

    That was 7 weeks ago. My cough vanished overnight. My teeth are getting whiter by the day. My breath is fresher each day. I give gratitude every day (a very important step, showing gratitude) and I feel like I am growing younger and healthier and fitter, which I am.

    Now, giving up smoking was very very easy this time. Previously it was sheer hell...obsessive. I have smoked for 45 years. But this time it was really easy and every time I got stressed and I think 'I'll get some tobacco and I'll feel better' my gut says 'nooo, you'll feel sick and cough and grow old and die early'. So, it is now talking me out of restarting, instead of pounding me with 'you just gotta have tobacco at any price'.

    Again, realizing your higher self, the godlike being you are inside at a higher level, and that you are its 'beloved' is important to empower affirmations and manifestation. Do this in meditation and prayer. Start an internal dialogue with your higher self. It will be silent mostly. But keep this up and one day it will speak. It will always respond, but for most this is generally unnoticeable. It responds through your feelings and dreams, and through everything around you...coincidences, etc.
    Do the affirmations and it will act very powerfully.

    Enjoy prison. It could be the worst time of your life, or the best. Your choice.
    Take care, Robert