• 30 Odd Minutes - Episode 35 - The Wisconsin Werewolf

    Another Episode of 30 Odd Miutes - Episode 35 - The Wisconsin Werewolf with Linda Godfrey<!--more-->Who can forget Lon Chaney portraying the beastly werewolf, or Warren Zevon’s classic song about the London version of this strange creature? As with many Hollywood monsters, there’s a root in folklore and legend. Lycantropy is the term for people who believe (or maybe really can) shape shift into these creatures, but is it for real? Are there documented sightings? Tune in to find out!

    Linda Godfrey is the author of “Hunting the American Werewolf,” and “The Beast of Bray Road,” plus “Weird Wisconsin,” “Weird Michigan,” among others. Tonight in episode 34 of 30 Odd Minutes, she discusses her vast research into the American version of the werewolf.

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