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    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    Neg's need dark and quiet to manifest and attack in. They also need the human body to be relaxed. This is part of the reason why neg. related manifestations normally occur or worsen during the night, and ease during ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    To preface this, please realize that the whole subject of working with negative spirit entities and astral wildlife is new territory. We do not know very much at all about the relationship between humans and negs. So far, most of my work has been through observation, logic, and trial and error. I have found a few things that help, but this is still very much a work in progress.

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    Salt has been used in healing for centuries to treat respiratory illnesses, fevers, wounds, and skin diseases. Also, energy healers have recommended salt baths to help cleanse negative energy from people’s aura. Usually only a few tablespoons or cups are used for such baths. However, we have recently discovered that salt baths can help people with serious negative entity attachment or possession problems. The difference is much more salt is required. This tutorial discusses how to prepare a mega salt bath and the value of salt for people suffering from serious negative energy or entity problems.

    Warning: Do not do mega salt baths if you have kidney, liver or heart problems. You may wish to consult your doctor prior to taking a mega salt bath, if you have low blood pressure, liver, kidney, or heart problems. Drinking alcohol can greatly dehydrate your body and cause low blood pressure. Never take mega salt baths if you are dehydrated. A doctor should ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    Using strong magnets in various ways to remove and block neg attachment points, to reduce the symptoms of neg interference and neg-related pain and disorders. Also given are combinations of magnets with salt, scent, running water, and other countermeasures.

    Please read the caution at the end of this article.

    The latest and possibly most-effective addition to my countermeasures, in my anti-neg arsenal, involves using strong magnets. These can be applied directly to the body, using tape or bandages to hold them in place.

    Painful neg attachment points will quickly reduce, when* strong magnets are placed on or taped onto the body directly over the attachment point. Pain will stop, or be reduced, and neg influences relating to that area will also stop or be reduced.

    It is usually necessary to sleep with magnets taped to or held against the body, particularly during chronic and acute episodes of pain and or neg activity.

    For chronic and acute neg attachment problems, the feet and known problem areas should be protected 24/7 using magnetic shoe inserts, modified shoes containing magnets, and suitable magnetic pads or jewelry or etc to protect other problem areas.

    The head is another common problem area, and magnets can be taped inside a hat and kept close to the head to reduce attachment activity.

    I experimented with taping small magnets directly over attachment points many years ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    Running water grounds, repels and or dispels the energies of negative spirit entities. I learned this by accident and hard experience. Only recently did I discover the scientific 'why' of how this phenomenon works.

    Running water has different physical properties to still water. Running water picks up electrical charges. The more active the water, the stronger this effect becomes. Click on the following links for more scientific explanation.

    Video of this phenomenon

    Science Link 1

    Science Link 2

    Science Forum Discussion

    Video of related water electrical phenomenon

    Physics Explanation of Running Water Phenomena

    The physical forces generated by running water ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    To sleep earthed is to sleep in contact with the Earth's electromagnetic field. Our planet can be likened to a huge electric motor. Our bodies also operate on electrical activity at the fundamental level.

    There is a relationship between the human body's electromagnetic activity and that of the planet. We continually exchange electrons with the planet.

    We are designed to stay in contact with the planet. This can be accomplished by barefoot walking, and wearing shoes made of natural substances that conduct electricity.

    Sleeping earthed, or rather not being earthed,  is more of a problem in ...

    by Published on 1st January 1970 12:33 AM

    Avoiding the many negative aspects of life is not easy thing to accomplish in our often-hectic and overcrowded society. Under some circumstances, the best one can do is avoid as much negativity as possible and hope for the best. However, no matter how helpless or trapped one might be, a lot can be done to avoid potential neg. problems and develop some natural resistance.

    While many of us cannot easily choose the way we live, we all have the power to choose the company we keep. We can avoid those whom clash with and lower our energies, and seek out those whom compliment and uplift us. Negative and critical people should be avoided and discouraged. Positive, caring and supportive people should be sought after and embraced.

    Temptation cultivates desire. Unfortunately, modern advertising uses extremes of temptation to sell merchandise. This can instill unnatural ideals and expectations of life and what life should provide. As these ideals ...

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