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    Welcome to the information center! Here you will find important information concerning Robert Bruce, his work and associates, links, media kit, and downloads. This includes translations, links and downloads. The links section connects to websites either associated with Rober Bruce, or having simlar content, along with some general interest sites. Content includes astral projection travel OBE, energy work, altered states, psychology and spiritual development. Use the menus in the lefthand margin to navigate.

    Important Note: www.glidewing.com is a partner of Astral Dynamics and Robert Bruce. Glidewing handle most of the products and services pages. So please do not be concerned when you are taken to another website when you click on any product link.

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    Associates and Resources


    Hall of Learning Hall of learning and www.glidewing.com are partners of Astral Dynamics. www.glidewing.com handles all products and services pages and sales.

    Brian Mercer: Coauthor of Robert Bruce for the Mastering Astral Projection Book, and the Mastering Astral Projection Audio Companion. A terrific website with information and history concerning Mastering Astral Projection, and also about Brian's other books, including his Sci Fi trilogy, The Kaladrious Reflection

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    Translations of Robert Bruce's online works

    (If you know of others, please email links to workshops @ astraldynamics.com)

    Japanese: http://energywork.jp

    Polish: http://www.astraldynamics.pl/

    French 1: http://www.spiritoile.com/livres/projection/projection-french.html

    French 2: http://www.astralsight.com/

    Russian: http://nugos.fatal.ru/book/

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    Caroline Needham

    ..and Finn

    Caroline Needham is the artist behind many of the illustrations in Robert Bruce's books and online works.

    Caroline has an undergraduate degree in Fine Art and Illustration and Masters degree in Medical Art.* She is based in The University of Dundee, where she works as a medical and archaeological artist and lecturer.* Her contributions have been aired internationally on numerous TV shows and films.

    Caroline is also a freelance illustrator, including book covers, business cards and logos, working in a variety of styles and media, traditional and modern. She has an interest and much experience in many of the topics discussed on this website, and has assisted at several of Robert Bruce's life workshops.


    Contact: CarolineNeedhamArt @ Gmail.com


    Samples of Caroline's artwork follow


    Archaeological Skull Specimin - Pen and Watercolour

    Reclining nude life drawing - Pencil

    Brushing Action - Pencil (Energy Work book)

    Aliens in the mind - acrylic and photoshop

    Behold a Pale Horse - Acrylic and Photoshop

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    Media Kit


    Video Introduction to Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce is a true spiritual pioneer of our times. Author of six groundbreaking books, his life is dedicated to exploring the dynamics of all things spiritual and paranormal, and testing the boundaries of the greater reality. This particularly involves exploring the mysteries of the human energy body, which is the foundation of physical existence and spiritual incarnation. The depth and scope of Robert’s experiential knowledge is remarkable. Robert’s other fields of interest include Out-of-Body Experience, Kundalini, minds eye vision, spiritual and psychic development, metaphysics, psychic security, spirits of nature, and manifestation.

    Robert is a man who lives in the greater reality and asks others to join him. He lectures internationally and currently resides in Australia. You can find him on the world wide web at www.astraldynamics.com where you will find a wealth of information free for downloading. Robert also conducts interactive online workshops, teaching energy work, astral projection, and spiritual and psychic development.


    Robert began experiencing OBE at the age of four, and taught himself to write after raising his Kundalini in his early thirties. He describes his life before Kundalini as a series of educational awakening events, leading to his spiritual rebirth in the Australian wilderness. His experiential approach to life has resulting in profound contact with his higher self that continues to grow.



    When not writing or lecturing, Robert is often found diving enchanted coral reefs, seeking new guests for his saltwater aquarium, or exploring wild and lonely places in the Australian outback.



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    By Jacqui

    I consider myself to be truly Roberted!

    It's been a long time since Grimstone in October last year! But thought it timely to write, this as I have had some time off work for reflection and wanted to give you some feedback as you have made such a difference to me thank you!

    I have always been aware of energy, intuition, ...

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