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A spiritual and life lesson

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I recall being with my ex-boyfriend and we seemed to be at a boarding school. The rules there was very strict. No sexual or romantic relationships allowed.

I recall sneaking around the dim corridors to a small chapel to meet my ex, because we were having a secret affair. We'd been caught a couple of times before, and the first time we were caught together, we were threatened with beheadings. The second time, I was threatened with being hanged whilst my ex was threatened with being burned alive at the stake.

We hid in the chapel whenever we arranged to meet. Every time we felt that we were about to be discovered, one of us would disappear, leaving the other behind, so that we wouldn't arouse suspicions.

One time, we met in the chapel, and my ex opened up the door that led to a yard outside. It was fairly secluded so we didn't worry too much about being discovered.

But as he did this, a satyr appeared. The satyr felt very familiar to me, but there was an air of mystery too, as in I didn't really know who he was. He had a familiar face. He looked at me and I explained what was going on to him, why we were in the chapel hiding, and about the narrow escapes from the threat of being executed. He told me that if I ever got caught again, if possible, to choose being burned at the stake because they could put something around my neck to help me die quicker. The idea was that it's a more humane and quicker option for me. As he was saying this, he was looking at me directly, then he turned his face away as if he realised I could see his face, and he didn't want that.

My ex disappeared because we sensed a teacher approaching. I went outside into the little yard, and I saw a woman pulling up in her car. I mistook her for an old teacher of mine who used to teach me at primary school. I called out her name, but the woman turned around and shook her head. I apologised, having realised I mistook her. I went back into the school via the front entrance.

I found myself in a small reception area, and it had the feel of these religious schools, like a Catholic school or similar. It was rather dimly lit. I bumped into a teacher, who appeared as the Muslim character from a well known TV show in the UK. This character is well known for being a terribly guilt-ridden, devout Muslim who is very uptight, weak minded, abrupt and narrow-minded.

In the dream, she walked down a series of corridors with me (they were very dim), chatting, and as we reached the area near the chapel, I saw posters and images on the walls, and the teacher stopped there. My ex joined us there too. The teacher said something but I don't recall what she said. She went away. The posters related to me in some way, but I took very little notice of their contents. Instead I had this little spray type of tool and I started ripping some of them down, and blasting the other ones until they disappeared.

After that, we went into the chapel, and this time there was half of an enormous ship in there. It was metal and painted in red and it was tilted at a pretty steep angle. My ex jumped on it, encouraged me to do the same then he helped me up to the helm. I clung on to a part of the ship at the helm whilst he seemed to be pretty comfortable there. I felt very bemused but I was too afraid to adjust my position, just in case I slipped and fell.

When I woke up, I realised who the satyr was. And it's bang on target. This guy I knew... he is familiar to me but I barely know him as a person. He's also a big advocate of sexual freedom.

I feel this dream might be showing me in advance the spiritual lessons to be learned soon. But I'll have to wait and see.

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  1. Korpo's Avatar
    Just one thing I noticed - a wonderful visual pun here. Seems like your ex "jumped ship."
  2. Gemma's Avatar
    This ex was my first boyfriend who left me for another girl when I was 16. I felt sorry for myself but moved on. He didn't jump ship as such, it was just a typical teenage thing. I don't hold it against him and haven't done for several years.
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