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I am very interested in astral projection and have been reading everything I can get my hands on about it for last probably 3 mths as I am determined to experience it.
Briefly I lost my 6mth old twin daughter and father a couple of months apart and spent the following year asking them to make contact, they did via an medium .
I was a skeptic but this blew my mind and I know because of that exprience there is more than the physical world we see - so I intend to delve into my spiritual side alot now as I always have been one foot in this world and one foot elsewhere but tried to forget and focus on material, physical things.
I have not managed to exit my body yet but feel like I am on the cusp, the closest was when I was woken out of my afternoon nap (after an exhausting workout) by an earthquake! It felt really good all over and I was trying (in my sleep/woken state) to make it last.
I didn't even realise until the following afternoon when I chatted to my mum on the phone about it... how many earthquakes feel good?
From what I have been reading I believe I must OBE alot as I have been an frequent lucid dreamer, I always remember my dreams , when I was little about 7 my dream was turning into an nightmare and I told myself to find my eyes so I searched all over my body till I found them and opened them so I wouldn't continue the dream! Never forgot that.
I have flown alot then when I realise I'm dreaming I drop to the ground and can't keep going!
A couple of nights ago I checked myself in an dream to see if it was an dream and looked at my hands and my face in the mirror though the face was a man with a beard but I didn't click and decided it was an OBE and shot off through the roof to try to find my passed daughter noting that I should stay in my bedroom for first few gos but I couldn't wait. Sounds impressive! but it was a dream nothing realistic at all about it
I am 42 so I feel I am at good age to get this going and I can't wait!

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