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I didn't know anyone had responded to my blog and was started to feel a bit down hearted , I thought I would get email alerts to replies ( maybe you can and I didn't tick the box!)nevertheless thank you for your response and this aplies to my other replies on this blog too!
I am still as keen as ever though still have not got out, I tried repeating "now I'm out of body" in my head and visualising my mums house or my living room, I felt a jerk once last night which I assume is when you snap back in - getting a bit impatient with it as this is the longest I have ever put such a massive (I feel) effort into something.
What keeps me on track is my messages from the medium and the "earthquake" I felt earlier on in my efforts - I know it's there grrr.
Here is my routine I pad up my bed to keep me sort of upright but extremely comfortable and relaxed, I repeat in my head now I,m out of body till I slip off to sleep - nothing or I stay semi awake all night not getting any sleep or projecting!!!
When I can I practise in the daytime, I try everyday and have so for months
I tried to feel for the rope , I've tried bouncing around the room in my minds eye, I've tried visualising white liquid pouring through my head filling my body, opening (if I do it right is anyones guess) my third eye.
And I've asked guides and positive beings to assisst aaaaaaaahh
Just venting a little , I will push on but gee it can be daunting.
As for the books and material I'm reading , Robert Monroe, William Bulman - big fan Robert Bruce, lots of tibits I can get my hands on really.
I try to saturate my subconscious with it, so when I'm getting low I pick up my ereader and read a chapter of something to keep me on track - I don't suppose anyone can come visit me in the astral plane and yank me out? lol

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    You can get alerts with the blog if you set it up on your profile.
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