Not in an instant

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Charles once told me that fear is resistance from the personality that may need to be overcome to do what the soul intends.

Charles also once told me that dread can be a message that the soul really does not want you do something.

I was nonplussed. The problem seemed to have shifted but stayed the same - how to tell fear from dread? How to make a decision true to the soul's intent?

The answer has come to me slowly. Telling these things apart is a part of building discernment. It does not happen in an instant. (The disappointment you might feel about the last statement does come from the mental body personality. ) One needs to look again and again, and if possible, reference outside sources like a teacher, to tell one thing from another.

When things look the same but aren't, we lack discernment. When we lack discernment and work on it, time will tell.

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