1st Partial Astral Experience

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I was taking a nap in order to get the tingling sensation to astral project. For about an hour the process was not going as I anticipated. So I decided to let myself know that I'm going to try to sleep and once I'm in a dream I am going to tell myself to astral project. It was dark, I saw lights passing in the darkness for a long time. Then suddenly, I was in a classroom. I was sure that it was my elementary classroom. In front of me was an acquaintance from my high school, we were light sparring with bare fists. He was hitting me in the arms and body and I kept on hitting him on the head. After a while he looked up, laughed and walked passed me. Realizing it was a dream I was placed into my physical body. I felt a tingling sensation throughout my whole body and told myself, "This is my chance." So I moved my arms in front of me with my head slightly up. With my ears feeling like they were underwater I heard the t.v downstairs where my mother was watching her Filipino dramas (or I thought the voices were coming from). "I want to see how this looks" I said to myself. So I open my eyes I saw my hands right in front of me. It felt as if there was an eternal breeze on both of my hands. "So these are my astral hands" I thought to myself. Then I brought my left and right hand together and felt a little electricity flowing through. After that I attempted to get my legs out of my physical body, but unfortunately thoughts of demons or evil entities being in my room freaked me out. Then I woke up in my physical body laying on my bed sideways, right hand under my pillow, and left one laying on my left side.

I hope this experience is of interest to some of the users here. I would like to receive comments and advice from other users about my experience or on astral projection in general. I also would like to thank the moderators here for creating a forum about astral projection and for making this a public website.

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