Dying in my dream.

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Dreams where I die, though relatively rare, are intriguing for me. I had one the night before last that leaves me with mixed feelings:

I’m part of the K High community – I guess I work there but the dream is more social than work. I talk to former SJ students who also seem to have joined the KH community. One is Rachael C and, later, Mardi C.

I sit to the side in one of their assemblies while a boy in the audience speaks to the group about an upcoming performance at the school. The boy is very entertaining and there’s a warm feeling of approval in the audience.

Now I’m up high – at least three storeys. I’m going to descend the stairs but I make a minor mistake and plummet over the edge. I seem to have some kind of ticket in my hand. As I fall I realize that this is a mistake I cannot correct, that my death is inevitable. I accept this without drama. The perspective moves to a third person point of view as I see my body’s impact.

While I welcome death dreams like I do the Death card in the Tarot as harbingers of change and a healthy sign of unfolding evolution, there's always that part in me that wonders if I'm actually being given a literal warning. You might think me less paranoid on this account if I reveal that the previous night's dream involved a driver waiting downstairs to take me to hospital. That dream wasn't particularly eventful, with both me and driver falling asleep in our respective places - me upstairs, him in his car.

What I find encouraging about this dream is the work setting, suggesting that it in fact comments on a work situation. You see, on the night of the dream I did a little dream programming. I'd been getting progressively exasperated with a Year 8 class that I'd been trying to prepare for exams because of their disorganisation, sloppiness and lack of focus. This was affecting the way I was perceiving them and I felt the need to purge myself of these frustrations so I could relate to them in a way I felt satisfying, once again. So, I suspect that the death in the dream represented a successful purging. I was certainly free of that negativity when I interacted with them today, though that could be because the exam is over now.

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