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My Hermetics Diary Cont. pg 2

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So I have continued working with Ritual, mainly refining the rituals I had either developed or inherited (such as incorporating asanas to what I already do) and other things.
We had not gone to church for months, partly because I didn't like the gist of the messages the minister was pointing at, and partly because of scheduling- my son wasn't enjoying it any more now that his teacher was gone, and we just couldn't get out of bed on Sunday mornings.
So they started having a second service, and we went this morning. I didn't realize how much I missed the simple rituals that are taken for granted in our church- the simple affirmations that just bring a good vibe to the day, such as:
"This is the Day the Lord Has Made, Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad in It"
and my favorite
"There is only One Power and One Presence in My Life and in the Universe; God"
and finally,
"The Light of God Surrounds Us
The Love of God Enfolds Us
The Power of God Protects Us, and
The Presence of God Watches Over Us-
Wherever We are, God Is, and All is Well"-Amen.

This reminded me of what Ritual really is- connecting our Truth to the saying of a few words, or a certain movement- ritual is more than what meets the eye, and I found today that I missed it.


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