Musings of a Psychiatric Outpatient

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I sat down today in the waiting room of the mental health department building and was waiting patiently for my appointment with my psychiatric nurse.

Strangely today, the door was not locked and was wide open, with a brick against the door, holding it in position.

After checking in with the receptionist, i sat on a chair in the waiting room that was closely positioned by the open door and was enjoying the breeze, air and space that this open door was currently providing.

After only a short time, a lady from the department came into the waiting room and was asking everyone in the waiting room 'if we were cold at all' from the door being open, we all replied that we weren't.

Just then another lady came busying through, declaring loudly and authoratively 'this door should be closed anyway, it's not allowed to be open..... for security reasons !' and with that she promptly shut the door.

My instant and annoyed thoughts to this were:
'Errrh!..... HELLO! .... Take a look around you, i think you'll find all the really 'real' crazy 'nutters' are already in, sitting right here in this waiting room.... bit late for security worries me thinks !!!....

It was only after the door was shut that i then realised how at ease i had been with the door previously being open as now i was feeling quite uncomfortable, rather trapped and very closed in. The wood decor was very 'bar-like' in it's design and gave it that 'locked-in' look too.

Anyway my psychiatric nurse soon came to rescue me from the waiting room, so i didn't have too wait too long with my discomfort.

Next week i start on a Bipolar Education Programme, 2 hrs, once a week, running for 10 weeks, so i am hoping to find it interesting and enlightening and will blog and share anything i find of interest.

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  1. newfreedom's Avatar
    The Bi-polar Education programme was really very beneficial & i enjoyed partaking of it. The psychiatric nurse who ran the course was really awesome, making the workshop the best it could be, also meeting others with a bi-polar diagnosis was really interesting & enlightening, it was a great group of people.

    The major MOST interesting, enlightening & impressive information i got from the course was from the psychiatric doctor who joined the workshop for a couple of weeks.

    i explained that i had recently read an article (that someone here in the AD forum had linked) that stated the 'chemical imbalance' theory had now been dis-proven. The Doctor asked for me to bring the info. into the workshop for him & i did.

    The doctor agreed with the information saying he himself didn't work to this premise any longer, but that the 'system' itself still did, hence the fact that the workshop information was still (wrongly) labelling the bi-polar condition as being caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain
  2. newfreedom's Avatar
    Hi ia,

    This particular doctor seemed to know about the fact that the 'chemical imbalance theory' had been disproved (shown to be not true) and he was in agreement with the facts that i showed him.

    His view was that there are many factors & that although a chemical imbalance might be present in some, it was only a 'small part of a much bigger issue'

    So he didn't really have definitive answer, but did agree with the information i presented him with being 'correct' & a more 'truthful view' of how things are

    i'll see if i can locate the info. i shared with him, if i find it , i'll come back & comment & give the link
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