The Value of Tiredness

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You surely have said to yourself "I'm so tired of this." many, many times in your life about something. Usually we find that this tiredness comes with a sense of resignation, of giving up, of being fed up to the hilt.

But what is really happening? You've been using your responses, probably the same ones, over and over to the same problem, and what you grew tired of is not getting any different outcome.

Imagine a world where you wouldn't grow tired. Imagine the lack of change...

For every time we grow tired of a habit or behavior, of experiencing the same results and consequences again and over and over, is the time where we have the best leverage to effect lasting change within our own personality. Maybe even for years you've run through the same circular track, and suddenly there's a fork in the road, another option, an option you never considered, a path less travelled you never dared chose for yourself...

As we grow tired of the various things binding us, big and small, we get the chance of freeing ourselves from them. Day after day, year after year, lifetime after lifetime, growing tired of limited reactions becomes an evolutionary force slowly eroding what keeps us from being all we could be.

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