Astral Body Spinning?

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Hi, I went to google to ask a question about spinning in the astral body,and here I am on this forum. I have been spinning in my astral body clockwise and counter clockwise while I was praticing OBE and with the mantras that produce OBE. I meditate alot and I am not concerned, but I am wondering if anyone else has felt this before. I can now do it at will and at any time I choose. My medatation pratice has gone to new levels with certain yogic mantras and chakric visualazions. This year my spiritual walk and awakening has been intense and I am looking for real people who are spiritually inclined to discuss possibilities. I am a person who is on this path for many years and I am the real deal,if you know what I mean. If you can share with me and I will share with you, spiritually and scientifically what I am experiencing and where I can go with it or want to go with it. Shanti William T Martin

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