Today's Dilemma

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I have been Active and Aware for most of my life- see my profile for an explanation. I'm pretty sure I was lucid dreaming in my cradle. In waking life, I spoke very young- full sentences at 9 months, according to my parents and several of their more reliable friends. I have devoured everything I could read for 30+ years, starting at age 2.5 (my mom accidentally taught me to read while she was working with my older sister to overcome her dyslexia); this has included numerous religious and spiritual texts, from the St.James version of the Bible to the Bagvadghitta (see my profile for more info), from the Torah to "The Only Dance There Is" by Baba RamDass. My personal spiritual beliefs are an amalgamation of animism/shamanism, Goddess worship/and what i call the "Basic Tenets" that are common to every religion I have ever studied: be kind, help other people when you can, don't judge folks by any criteria you don't want to have to be judged by, and try not to do anything to harm anyone (btw, when I say "people" I am including all the beings that share our universe as well as homo sapiens-to whom I will most often specifically refer as "humankind"-the same for the word "anyone").
I am joining this forum because I have recently had a problem, and am having some difficulty controlling the effects, I am hoping to get some constructive advice here. I do not need a new religion, creed or set of beliefs, the ones I have suit me just fine- but if you know of a remedy for my difficulty I will likely see how well it fits with my world-view and give it a shot.
My problem is this: I have caught myself doing "walk-ins" on other people's lives- at first it only happened once- several years ago; now it can happen up to 3 or 4 times in a month. The folks I "walk-in" on are not aware that I have done so, to my knowledge, and this is actually what concerns me most. Also, I find it difficult to discern whether I am "riding along", or if I am in control- and there have been incidents during a "walk-through" that I am not at all comfortable believing I controlled. Some of these incidents have later been confirmed through objective sources, like local, national, or even (in one case) international news.
The type of solution I am seeking will have one of these results: 1)to stop me from doing "walk-ins" (this is my primary goal); 2) to insure that I am only doing "walk-ins" where I am invited & or my help has been requested; 3)to create a framework whereby I have control only of myself during a given walk-in, and can give advice, but not effect my "host's " actions/words/deeds directly, or 4)to create a criteria and a framework for identifying actions I control during a walk-in vs. the actions of a given "Host". I have listed these in the order I would like to see them happen.
Now. In order for your advice to be constructive, you will need to know 3 major things about me. First, I am a part-time Avatar of my deity, who I call The Star-Eyed Lady. Second, my primary religious tenet is "First, Do No Harm" and in my tradition this means to do no damage either by action (such as yelling at a child) or inaction (such as standing by and watching a couple get into a fist fight), neither by word (encouraging someone to do something that will cause pain for themselves or another) nor deed (creating a situation in which someone can do harm to themselves or another), to give aid where it is sought, and seek aid when ones own resources are insufficient to the tasks at hand. Third, while I am _very_ well read, and have studied several schools of thought, I am human, and therefore I might not "get" what you are saying on the first attempt- I will happily work with you to reach understanding, but try and have patience with me, as I am not yet Bodhisattva... Lol
Your Zen Shamanist Pagan,

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