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Mysticism, Physicality and Projection

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I was just responding to a poster about the nature of projection, and it occurred to me (as it has probably occurred to mystics throughout the ages) that the differences in physicality and nonphysicality are not really existent- that we are extensive expressions of the whole, and that this is evident when you look carefully at many mystical practices.
As part of my Hermetics training, I am projecting into my physical body (or rather, visualizing doing this to gain access to my energy body) and expect to get some feedback from it that can be translated into many things, including information to what's 'out there'.
One of the issues that come up (over and over) is the idea of 'in here' vs. what's 'out there'.
Some physical scientists like Tom Campbell (and many many others) consider all experience a trick of perception, be it physical and nonphysical- the mind creating scenarios that are basically energetic, both in the physical and otherwise; and for example, I've been reading Fred Aardema's book in which he describes how you can objectify parts of your psyche, and deal with various 'parasites' symbolically, 'cleaning it up', and finding how in the physical, it helps to deal with ongoing issues.
I also went to look up something Robert wrote about 'The empty body' hypothesis and how he sees it:
Quote Originally Posted by Robert Bruce
.. if you study the enormous amount of data available on experiences of duality during OBE, that the physical body mind is never left completely empty. All OBE methods project a copy of consciousness exterior to the physical body... So whether the mental and or astral bodies are projected out, the original copy of mind and memory always remain within the physical body mind.

The way I explain it is this way: "Think of your energy body as an infinitely expandable field that can perceive what is out of body, but not necessarily leaving it behind. Locality is a physical thing, and our minds have the capacity to be "here" through our physical body, and "nowhere or otherwhere" through our subtle bodies or mind/spirit itself- but while a person is alive, the subtle bodies are always anchored in the physical."
Which then brings me to the Kybalion- Physical reality is a thought in God's mind, and depending on your anchor, you are physical to what is the same to you, but because we are mind stuff, the way we talk to God is through the mind. I'm not quoting because I've paraphrased from memory.
In other words- All is Mind- The physical world as well as the nonphysical world, and the difference between 'waking' reality and 'OBE/Mystical/Other' perception has to do with the anchor in which you're having it.

As I often do, this is a stream-of consciousness post, and a bit fragmented. I may come back and clean it up, or I may not.

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