Classic Paths of Yoga

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I was working on a yoga assignment today. There was a question that asked how Karma Yoga (work and service path), Gnana Yoga (knowledge and wisdom path) and Bhakti Yoga (Love and devotion path) could be interwoven. I had 100 words so I wrote from experience and in the form of a poem (which I hope they let me get away with )

Asked to assist with marichyasana in a crowded class
Young woman, second lesson
Her despondence - a mirror of my own
When faced with other challenges -
Evokes my compassion.
With gentleness I lead her to comfort:
An adjustment of the leg
And assistance with a band.
Repeating patterns of sorrow -
A boy in my class
Trying to write a speech
But frozen by the grief of loss of homeland.
My service in this is Karma Yoga,
I am Bhakti in the compassion I feel in my heart
And Gnana means I react with the wisdom of
This is how it comes together.

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    That's very nice!
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