Daily routine For raising Kundalini

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The recommended exercises are as given in the kundalini raising session. Doing energy work on hands, feet, legs, arms, spine, central channel, and then the chakras.

I strongly recommend you get a copy of my book, Energy Work, and work through that. There will you find other practices and much more detail, including fine hand an fine foot work, which helps enormously for activating the energy body and its chakras. This is available as an ebook version, or printed version.

When you should try for an actual kundalini raising session depends on where you are at in your practices, and how stable an altered state you can achieve. The long session work and the ability to move and walk in an altered state are good indicators. Being able to fast for three days on water, and the inner cleansing methods, is also very helpful. If you can do this, and get noticeable chakra activity, particularly in the base chakra, it would be time to plan a kundalini raising session.

Again, when you are ready depends on where you are at. Some people can approach raising kundalini after a few days regular work, whereas others need much more practice.


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