My experiences - The phantom hand

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3 March 2014

This was completely involuntary, I wasn't prepared nor expecting such event. Here's what happened:

It was a quiet night. Went to bed and reached the third stage of sleep some minutes after. It is correct to assume that stage four came later on, despite the fact that I wasn't aware of it. By then, I couldn't recall any dreams, but most likely due to the fact that REM stage wasn't yet achieved. Anyways, some time later, I seemed awake and could hear something like rain outside the windows. Couldn't move the body either, and wasn't able to see. Suddenly, some vibrations kicked in and went on for a while. Now I felt that could move my body, so I tried to lift my right hand up. The hand looked like it was glued to the bed somehow, was hard to pull it off for a few inches. Moved my "fingers" and pressed my palm like a stress ball for a while. It seemed very real. "Maybe this was it" I thought, so I tried a "full lift". Alas, after that, the state ended, and I woke up. It was raining outside, so probably I wasn't in REM, but rather in an involuntary hypnagogic state. If it was a case of pre-AP or delusion, I don't know.

One thing I can draw from this small experience. If I wasn't in REM, and felt awake and aware, probably self-suggestion is working, slowly planting the seeds on the subconscious level, making this phenomena possible to achieve in a voluntarily manner. Of course, it could have been just a dream, or possibly somnambulism. I don't know: I didn't had equipment to measure my brain activity, nor I had a video camera to tape me while in bed and make sure I wasn't physically moving. Again, It was involuntary and unexpected.

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