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Seeing People in Projection

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Hello, so it's been a while since my last successful projection has happened. But it was the most unique one I've had yet, so I'm just going to jump in and explain the best I can.

I had watched a documentary about a month ago on Netflix regarding the grey aliens. It was really interesting yet very disturbing. Those aliens have always really freaked me out. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well for a while. My boyfriend leaves at 6 am and I usually work second shift so it was always in the morning when I was laying in bed that I started to get really scared. Well, one morning I woke up feeling uneasy so I decided to sleep on the living room couch. I ended up in sleep paralysis, totally freaked out. I tried shaking myself awake and then I felt someone grab my hand. I then fell into a lucid dream where my boyfriend had come home. I didn't realize I was dreaming at first. I remember us walking outside and it being pitch black and being confused thinking I slept all day. We went out to the car and started driving off. I remember the clock said 10:22 pm. I told my boyfriend I was really scared to sleep and he asked me why in which I replied the grey aliens freaked me out. He then went on to say to me, "Alex, you need to go to the light" and he repeated it over and over until the dream faded and I woke up in sleep paralysis.

I tried moving again when I felt my "energy" literally shift and float up. I was then floating above my body watching myself sleep. I turned my head and there was a guy with black hair staring straight ahead. There was a woman moving down the hallway but I can't recall her features. I decided to go outside and as I passed the front room there was another woman on a couch looking at me. I went outside and flew up as high as I could go, which was right on the outside of space. I had a painful jolt in my heart and woke up from the projection.

I regret not trying to talk to the people there. I feel they were perhaps trying to reach out. I'm a little afraid to speak to these entities though... Has anyone else done so? Also, the "go into the light" thing really weirded me out. I've been a little afraid I may have seen a premonition but I don't want to be certain about it. Just kind of spooked me.

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