I thought i was losing my mind.

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I don't know where to begin. I think I've been experiencing OBEs all my life, but didn't know it. The past six or seven years, I was secretly convinced I was being haunted by a demon, or cursed...something paranormal that I couldn't explain, nor deny.
I always had "flying dreams" as a kid, I could control them to the point of when, where and how. I still have the ability to will myself to sleep, even when I'm not feeling tired. But when I turned 13, the year my stepfather passed away, I think was when my flying dream ability left me.
I'm now 39 and seven years ago, shortly after the birth of my son, I began experiencing lucid dreams. I would say half of these are absolutely terrifying. Usually I encounter some very scary entities, and the best way to describe what happens is, they chase me back to my body, or back to the awakened state, when I always wake up screaming.

I guess I'm seeking help to understand what is happening? How do I control this, and more importantly, to know I'm not crazy.

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  1. CFTraveler's Avatar
    To control anything you start by finding out how to cause it, and go from there. Another way is to analyze the dreams and find out how they relate to your daily life. Dreams are created by the subconscious to process your emotions and thoughts, and when they recur it usually means you haven't dealt with the issue that is causing all this processing. If you post in the Dream forum we can get more specific about what the problem may be, unless you already know.
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