How To Start Energy Work

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Welcome Tangeria. I'm happy to see the good feedback you're getting from the energy work. I can see you're applying the methods well.

After these exercises I felt strong buzzing and bubbling sensations in the Sub-Navel. I decided to meditate afterwards. I tried loosening techniques of falling etc. and I felt a few sensations, like falling very quickly, I also suddenly had a white light flash in front of my closed eyes that brought a vision of a crystal clear face to me. It was an older man with black-grey hair. He had blue eyes and according to his expression he was manically laughing. No idea why I saw that, it just suddenly appeared. I heard many, many cracks and tiny creaks in the bed room when I began to stir my awareness fingers in both of my temples. It was like something was actually cracking the floor. I did not bother to open my eyes to look, I just wanted to succeed. But I did not reach the Vibration stage and so i decided to stop and go to sleep. However it was already late anyway.
You reached the trance state and started getting hypnagogics/vision screens. You were very close to getting to the transition point.

My question for you guys is, if I practice NEW, what would you suggest? What is your daily routine? Do I need to do the whole body like I did last night with brushing, wrapping, stirring? Or is it enough to do the full body circuit from now one until next week?
I have been practicing NEW for more than ten years (wow, it's actually been closer to 16) and I still practice it every day.
For the first year or so I would start with brushing and sponging my whole body, then moved on to chakra work, and finished with a full body circuit. But I don't do it as part of a projection practice, I do it independent of it, so I can sleep at night.
Even though I have varied my routine (adding other more specialized exercises), I sponge my whole body inside and out and do a full body storage circuit when I practice. I may blow off the individual chakra work but always do the circuit and the tertiaries and secondaries. It is my preference, it makes me feel good, and focuses my mind- better than 'traditional' meditation, although I do it also when I can.

I usually do my energy work during the day, and if I plan to attempt a projection I try to do it in the morning, and when I do I work in energy raising (full body cuircuit).

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