Taking it from here

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I read Robert Monroe's [I]Journeys out of the Body[/I] when I was 16, and found it both fascinating and scary. I decided to stay away from it, but it kept nagging.

About 10 years ago I got interested in magick, worked my way through Kraig's[I] Modern Magick[/I]. Although I never felt I got anything out of it, I had this feeling that I got a more active attitude towards life, and started to pick up some old interests like martial arts and arts, at the same time, unfortunately, losing interest in science.

Not long after, I went back to Monroe's book, and started practicing. By this time, I had gotten a lot better control over body and mind, got relaxed pretty easily, reached hypnagogic state, and experienced vibrations.

My vibrations were pretty physical, more like shaking, close to being painful. They were located in my neck, brain stem, shoulders, and were sometimes literally breath taking. The experience was like the shaking you feel when trying to lift something heavy, sometimes like a cramp.

That time, I became discouraged, and lost interest. A few days ago, I decided to push through: we gotta get out of this place!

I will write about my experience here in this blog, and would appreciate if you could share your thoughts on my endeavours.

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