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So, it makes sense supplementing my OBE practice with energy works: I started NEW practice. This approach seems to be more accessible than the Middle Pillar ritual I tried in the past, as for me focusing tactile awareness is a lot easier than vibrating God names.

I went through the introductory exercises and charging up the full body storage circuits for a week or so, which more or less work as expected: the tactile awareness manifests as a mild burning sensation. This seems to work a guiding principle.

Yesterday I spent a little more time commuting than usual, so I kept practicing sitting in a train. In the morning, I felt how not only my sub-navel chakra started to glow, but the sensation expanded into my chest, in particular the solar plexus. In addition, I felt similar sensations in my arm pits.

In the afternoon, this feeling returned easily, and after half an hour or so, my throat started to glow as well, followed by, another half hour later, a very mild sensation in my third eye chakra, accompanied by glowing temples. I felt like a live decorated xmas tree, with my groin, sub-navel, plexus solaris, throat, third eye, crown, armpits and temples all burning. I am eager to learn where this will lead me to in the near future...

PS: now I am writing this, I feel my sub-navel and solaris starting to lighten up...

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