Life and choosing alternatives - with I-Ching

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I have recently some inner urge or insist to make some life choices, life creation. I'm resisting it as always, because I'm always afraid that if I choose one way, then I loose another one.

In astrology the placement of Saturn is about to be selective. In my case, Saturn has a special meaning and placement: and I think that it indicates my problems with being selective in life, a difficulty in making the final choice and get rid of the other things. I always hated the word "goodbye" as well. I think that I am used to the astral realm where nothing ends, every relationship may be maintained as long as we wish to. On the earth it is not like that. I think that women have better ability to say "goodbye" even if it hurts, especially when it is coming to relationships. I was not able to make the choices that easily, and I was suffering from the fact that we are supposed to choose only one life partner or none. In the astral realm like I mentioned all the relationships are simultanous...

The same applies to other life choices. I was interested in many, many things. Many attracted my attention, and I could not decide what I actually want (which in fact meant what I actually needed to finish).

Now I wonder whether this was planned for my life.

Nevertheless, tonight when I was sleeping I awoke in the early morning and heard some female voice talking about a "different version of reality". It was intrigued.

When awoke fully, I was wondering what it meant. Then an urge to take I-Ching appeared, and a new idea: to make a clarification on the alternatives for life choices to be made.

I've drawn 5 different hexagrams. Two first were very optimistic - the best hexagrams in the I-Ching appeared, which confirms the previous messages that I received but didn't quite believe in them. The three others suggested direct or indirect struggle. The worst alternative was about choosing the revolution way, which led to nowhere... which riminds me what CFTraveller said here:

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