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Hi all, I'm new here. I have some questions to ask. I was searching for a site of like minded people who will understand what I'm saying. I think I found you! I am not religious, I sit more comfortably with the notion of a higher power of consciousness. As a child I astral travelled, I believed I'd been here before and had the unfortunate experience of a very dark energy in my bedroom that would make its presence heard and felt every night. However, the main topic I would like your feedback on, is this one: I would also sit in front of the mirror and ask myself "Who am I" - over and over. I would look at my reflection and feel the skin on the back of my hand and say my name, and would again ask, who am I. After a while, if I was lucky, an amazing experience would occur: I would feel a buzzing in my body that would heighten and I'd think, "It's happening." It felt like I was in between 2 worlds - I would have to focus and continue repeating who I was, but then asking ,who am I? My face would blur and there would be an audible intense, sound and I felt a shooting upwards of energy, like I was a rocket and then would then have the most amazing out of body experience, where I would look at the reflection in the mirror and feel the skin on my hand, but think, "That's her" - not me. I was looking at the girl whose name I was saying. My question is: did I unknowingly activate kundalini? Throughout my life, I appear to be an attractor of negative people and experiences - I am a very strong woman, but at times it can feel quite unfair and overwhelming: I'm wondering if something was activated when I was a child? I know that I need to mediate daily and develop a spiritual practise, as this has assisted in the past; however, the difficulty is initiating it and sticking to it. I would appreciate your feedback. Many thanks, Zann

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