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Mysticism, Physicality, Projection, etc. II

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I was reading something that I had read before and for some reason it hadn't gone 'ding' in my mind- and yet, it came to me as I was digesting some theoretical information, so I'll try to put my ideas down as they occurred to me.

According to Bohm, everything is entangled, because at the moment of the Big Bang all probability waves were part of the same explosion- therefore, according to superposition, that means that all the particles that resulted from the BB are entangled with each other. This has been used to explain why everything is 'one'- it's not that it's 'only' one, but that everything that has existed since that singularity is entangled with everything else that has existed within it.
Ok, so far so good.
So Bohm came up with the genius idea that the implicate order (that is, every possibility of existence, everything that is and can be) exists in the small dimension (I forgot exactly but I think it's 10 to the minus 33 cm- a very small dimension that is smaller than where space can exist in. How this number was arrived at I haven't yet come across, but I'll accept it for now. Anyway, that all the information in the universe exists in the nonlocal state of this very small 'space', close up and everywhere- "inside and outside of us" (sound familiar?)- and we can have OBEs and Mystical experiences when we direct our attention to parts of our bodies (as in mystical projection, Kabala, pathworking, etc.) or outside of it, as in OBE, because we are accessing that implicate order, and because consciousness is in itself nonlocal (but can exist locally via the brain) we can then call images from this information and integrate them into the macro scale via memory.

This is nothing new, but the other thing that came to me that I haven't seen anywhere else is the idea that if indeed, everything (or almost everything, this is a point of detail in physics that I haven't asked someone smarter than me about) is entangled, then this would explain why the universe is objective (that is, it can be perceived objectively in what appears to be our default state, not that it's true, just that it's convenient at the moment to state)- is because that waveform was collapsed in the past, and the parts that haven't collapsed yet are the 'new' wavefunctions that have just recently been called out of the quantum foam- and maybe that's what time is- our ability to perceive as all of them collapse into particle 'reality' by a movable consciousness that is ours.

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