Seeing energy / chi more clearly

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what an awesome morning..!

I could see energy clairvoyantly this morning, more clearly than i have ever seen it... truly 'out-standing!!!'

WooOw i am still in awe.....

The energy appeared to make like a barrier in front of me, but it wasn't really, it was just the energy i was seeing and it was all around but i could see it in front of my stomach about a foot away the most clearly and it looked like 'honey-comb' pattern and also similar in colour too, like a black and dull gold colour.

And it was vibrating very quickly, and when i looked around and focused around in the 'air-space' it moved and shifted along with my gaze, so i think i had the potencial to see all shapes and things within it....... SOooo COOL!

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  1. newfreedom's Avatar
    On this mornings quarry walk, my vision of 'seeing' chi/ subtle energy was the clearest it's ever been.

    More clear than my experience, i write about here, i believe this was because i myself was more 'grounded' ....i was in a more 'ordinary, 'normal' /common 'space' and the chi could only be seen if i paid attention to it, rather than it being all consuming & constantly in my vision.

    It was 6am ish and quite darkish /dusk. i could see the same energy pattern as before and also other combinations of patterns, at one point looking towards the ground i saw a longish narrow vortex leaving my body, just blow my stomach, between 2nd & 3 chakra, at the time i thought 'oh chakra !' but now i'm wondering if this was a 'vision' of something else.

    in 2010 i went through a very difficult processing phase where i thought i was dying (again!) i had the 'sense' / feeling of this huge votex (in the same place on my body) that made me feel so ill ...... it felt like what i can only describe as a 'death tunnel'

    i don't know if energies were entering or leaving me, or if it was just the connection to this vortex that i was feeling...

    i eventually needed 'others help' (hospital) to help me end that phase & i also used small amounts of meds. with comforting / relieving effectiveness then too.

    The long narrow vortex i noticed (was shown) this morning, could i suppose be best described as looking like a chord or a type of connecting tube...

    Interesting.... Last !

    also saw the colour green in a horseshoe shape on the chest of a blk & wht cat ! .... how cool ! x
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