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I am no friend of ritual in my practice. Something within me is not convinced that ritual is in any way required to work magic. The crutch can help you walk, but it is never the crutch that walks.

I tend to think there are no mechanics as such. Not when it comes to nonphysical reality. The mechanics might appear as an expression of what consciousness is trying to achieve, not the other way round.

If there is any truth to the last statement it would mean that learning the mechanics would be an ineffective approach. It would mean that learning the mechanics of something is an attempt to mimic what consciousness does naturally. That feels contrived to me at best.

In my opinion intent, detachment and observation are the most powerful tools taught to me. There's really nothing to intent itself, it is built in. But becoming detached of the outcome, the process and also not trying to meddle with the process of becoming, that requires some time to get used to. Important in this process is also the observation of any outcomes that derive from an intent.

These three simple yet powerful tools can work magic all by themselves where in my opinion a more elaborate ritual can't or not to the same degree. If ritual, however, helps you learn any of these components then it is useful as well. I tend to think the Tibetan Buddhist visualisations do this. They are about training consciousness to acquire these skills.

Reality as such always interacts with us. And while the illusion of mechanics is near unpiercable in physical reality, I don't think this is as true in nonphysical reality. Many times people have speculated what nonphysical reality would look like to us if we entered it without expectations. I think there is a quantum leap in the evolution of any consciousness that achieves this, if only for a moment. It might be what is meant by the "Clear Light" - again referenced in the Tibetan tradition. It is beyond form.

If form is an illusion, then mechanics must be too. Only the interactions of various conglomerates of consciousness remain, but they are powerful enough to spawn any reality encountered by any consciousness out there. Consciousness naturally creates.

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