Signs and synchronicity – Part II – Going with the flow

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As I was about to start working on this text, I was pleasantly surprised to read on the forum this quite interesting thread about manifestation in the physical :
In synchronicity, and very interestingly, this story I had planned to tell when I started this blog is quite linked with what was discussed between forum members on this thread. And I am now sharing it simply because I would like to show how several elements brought on this thread may indeed explain these experiences I will tell and how they bring to light that we all do come to co-create reality, more often than not without even being consciously aware of the phenomenon or its working…

[B]The bookstore[/B]
Before I decided to leave the country and applied for the visa, I had already started daydreaming about what my life would be like if I were to go in France. I had spent hours on the internet looking for apartments we could live in and places where I could work. One of the first possible workplaces I found back then, if not the first, was a small bookstore closely linked to my interests where other foreigners like I worked. I had daydreamed much about what it would be like to work there, but since it was a very small place, with no more than 7-8 employees, I believed that my chances of being hired would be rather slim if I were to try. And so, I did not believe it was likely to happen… But later on, I was to have a little surprise…;)

[B]What if…[/B]
Once I had quit my job and received my visa, I had one month left before my departure. I thought it would be worth trying to find a job before I would actually arrive in France. And so, I started browsing more thoroughly job offers on job websites... And I came to realize that I was really not the only job seeker out there and that not all employers would be ready to hire a foreign worker who was not yet in the country -and was likely to leave after a year- when it was much easier to hire someone else on the spot who was more likely to stay on the long term. Moreover, for some reason, I was being very picky and found only [I]one[/I] interesting job offer. I had also thought of one other place that was likely to hire Canadians, but at the time, something was still holding me back from sending my resume to both these places… And that something was telling me that perhaps I should at least [I]try[/I] to send my resume to that small bookstore I had thought of before. Chances seemed slim indeed, but what if…

And so, I prepared a letter explaining that I had obtained a visa allowing me to work one year in France and that I would be ready to start the day after my arrival. I sent this letter, along with my resume, to all three places, for I really believed that the odds of being hired at the bookstore were [I]very[/I] low, and well, some say it is best not to put all our eggs in the same basket…;)

The next day, I received two replies. One was a polite no, but to my great surprise, the other one [I]was[/I] from the bookstore manager, and she was indeed looking for someone ready to start [I]precisely[/I] on the day after my arrival. She wanted to discuss with me, and as quickly as possible! We had a phone interview the next day and the day after, I was offered a full-time job for a year with 5 weeks of vacation. It was perfect, and I still couldn’t believe my `incredible luck`… And `lucky` indeed I was, for later on, I was to learn that the bookstore manager had actually hired someone else before I, but at the last minute, that person changed her mind and declined the job, and this is when I came in with my resume…and with perfect timing.

[B]The artist and the canvas[/B]
On the thread, it was agreed that beliefs alone are not exactly the key to manifestation in the physical reality, and that such reality creation is closely tied with the idea of going with the flow. It was implied therefore that [I]not everything[/I] we may intend to manifest will be so. Indeed, as the artist of our life, we may choose the colors and create the shapes that will appear on our artwork… As long as we stay within the frame of our canvas. And as the first part of the story shows, more than believing, it seems like dreaming of something, wishing for it to take form, imagining it like an artist would, was [I]in this case[/I] [B]one[/B] of the keys used ([I]more than one[/I] may be needed) to manifest an [I]opportunity[/I] along the lines of my canvas. I then had to listen to my inner voice to recognize this opportunity as such, and make the necessary steps to seize it. In other words, I had my part in the play. As I understand it at the moment, this is what it means to go with the flow… It may [I]not[/I] be as passive as the phrase can sound.

[B]True needs[/B]
However, going with the flow is not always as easy as it sounds… Sometimes we cannot see that what we [I]want, [/I]what we so firmly[I] believe[/I] we need[I],[/I] is [I]not[/I] what we truly [I]need[/I]. As it was discussed on the thread, we sometimes expect things to manifest [I]exactly[/I] as we picture them, as we would want them to be, but it seems like it doesn’t exactly work this way, and maybe this is precisely because in cases such as the one I will tell, opportunities manifest along the lines of our true needs rather than expectations. Too rigid beliefs about what we `need`, or high expectations held too strongly, are therefore likely to prevent us from recognising [I]real [/I]opportunities that may have manifested as a response to a genuine wish (or a more direct `request`) based on a true need. We may even end up trying to pursue blindly something that is working against such true needs, without realizing that as long as we keep doing so, we are no longer going with the flow, but rather struggling against its strong current… The next part of the story ([I]Signs and synchronicity - Part III – Reality co-creation[/I]) will show this other side of the coin…[I]and[/I] also that I can be quite stubborn! :lol:

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  1. Korpo's Avatar
    This is wonderful and rings very true. Recognise the effortless ease that unfolds when you actually decide to go with the flow, as opposed when you try to do what seems at first make most sense. In many situations in life there is slot one can fill if one recognises it, and can slip in easily. Sometimes it takes courage, sometimes recognition, and often it needs a change of some kind. Overcoming inhibition can be highly rewarding.

    I also liked your approach of not only relying on what seemed to you like an outlandish bet. Considering several options does not necessarily narrow down your ability to create the best outcome, but can actually be a sign of good flexibility of consciousness. The difference is subtle. If no choice seems attractive without having to talk yourself into it, this is the mental body. But when you are naturally drawn to one choice, there is a chance it is of the soul. As discernment grows it becomes increasingly clear what is what.

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